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Why Do I Need a Blog as an Author?

Why Do I Need a Blog as an Author?



“I’m an author, do I need a blog?”  Such a big question to ask and I’m going to thoroughly answer for you how a blog can help you as an Author.

One of the biggest boosters you can do for yourself as a writer is to create a blog (and official website) with social media accounts!

The publishing industry has changed incredibly in the last decade and continues to change and grow with the boom of social media and social media advertising.

Even if you just want to write and never be published, having a blog is a great way for you to connect with other writers (and publishing industry gurus) and build your writing skills.

If you want to be published whether it is just online or traditionally – you will have to create a social world for your work to be viewed at and for it to grow.

The options and opportunities out there for writers today are incredible! All it takes is just one person with a huge social following to find one tiny piece of your work and in a split second tens of thousands of people can see your name, an example of your work and begin to follow you (and talk about you!).

Aside from just being able to grow a following and supporters (people who like your work) to help you with gaining an agent, rapport and leverage in the traditional publishing realm, you have the ability to expand your writing beyond that of just books (or whatever your means of writing is).

If you are old school and just working towards getting published traditionally, you are truly selling yourself short – in exposure, opportunities and in potential income!

Traditionally, you would just receive income from the publisher – after they’ve taken their share of royalties, and then part of that income normally goes to your agent – before you even see a penny. The process is long, slow, and often takes years just to break into.

Here is what can happen with a website/blog and these are a just a handful of possibilities:

1. You can use Google Adsense and/or Amazon affiliates on your website (and sometimes your social media accounts too) to generate income just from people visiting your site. Once you make the initial input of learning about it and getting it going you can earn money by just a few minutes worth of work a week. Many writers and bloggers earn hundreds of dollars a month from affiliate programs.

2. Exposure and growth potential – you have millions of people within every aspect of the publishing world at your fingertips. All it takes is one to light up your work and skyrocket your name across the planet – or to share your work with their boss (who just may be that agent or publisher you’d be waiting years to showcase your work to).

3. E-everything related to writing. EBooks, printables, audiobooks, videos/YouTube about your work/projects – all available rather quickly with numerous resources to learn how to create them all resulting in potential income for you. Vs the traditional route where EBook and audiobook formats might be an option.

4. You can sell your work across your social media accounts and boost your own promotions (especially for sales/holidays).

5. You can collaborate with other writers for project creations or social media boosts.


These are just a few of the possibilities you can think about and implement once you have your own website/blog.

With a blog, you can touch upon many related topics relating to what you write about and even create products and services off of this.

For example: As a writer, I can blog about writing, how to create a website/blog, share tips, advice, encouragement and so on – aside from the actual books I write.

I think the most important thing to take away from this idea of having a website/blog with social media accounts is this:

You have the ability to interact with your audience (customers) in ways never before possible.

If you get stuck in a project you can poll your readers for their input. You need motivation or focus, you can ask your followers for a swift kick in the pants or spiritual lift. If you receive wonderful feedback or reviews you can personally thank your readers one on one and give them a special moment in front of all your followers.

You can interact quickly and build a bigger, stronger following through your blog and social media. Ten years ago business happened by word of mouth, in face to face conversations.

Today, it happens at your fingertips and when you are a writer you have a special gift that most business professionals don’t have – the ability to impact and touch people through your words.

If you don’t have a website, blog and social media accounts (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube), put CREATE THEM on your to do list!

Start thinking about ways you want to brand yourself as an author and how you can build a real platform to grow that brand from.


For more tips on writing, being an author and blogging, and how to expand professionally,  you can join my Empowered Writer’s program and receive powerful tips and motivation to fuel your writing.

I also have a few videos related to being a writer. You might enjoy How to Start and Finish Writing Your Book, packed with great tips including how to handle writer’s block.

Do you need help with the writing process and learning how engage your readers? The book Focus & Value is a great resource for improving your writing methods and creating great content!

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