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Be More Than Just Filled With Faith

Be More Than Just Filled With Faith

*This week’s posts invite you to reflect a bit more this Thanksgiving holiday, to think about what you are faithful, grateful and thankful for and why.*


A quote I found summed up: You may be frustrated but stay faithful.

I love quotes. I love inspiring others. Behind this though there must be clarity and truth. False quotes will only invite the reader to believe and walk in circles, instead of going beyond simply believing, but in also thinking differently and doing differently. That is how lives are changed, and how you will be able to change who you are and the life you live. For life to be different and better, one must start to think and do differently and better.

This quote should really be more like: Life may be challenging, stay focused, continue making good decisions and making progress.

I am not bashing religion, I believe whole heartedly in God and a bigger universal power.

I just know that you have to do more than simply be grateful for your life the way it currently is. You have to do more than just sit back and have faith. The attitude and message in the quote I summed is that you don’t have to do anything at all, but believe with your thoughts. Sadly, and a significant reason many lack faith or choose to not follow religion is because they’ve tried this. And it doesn’t work.

The truth is, why yes, you must believe. You must believe in the greater power, in the greater good, in yourself and in your abilities. AND you must do.

You have to act and follow through on that belief.

The truth is you can stand there, or kneel there, and pray and believe all you want, but until you do your part, that is take whatever pro-active work you can muster and create within your life, nothing in your being or life will change.

If you are ill, simply believing you will regain health is only the start. You have to follow through with the proper prescription to become whole and healthy again – rest, good nutrition, exercise, laughter etc. You have to remove everything in your life that is negative and conducive to creating the illness as well – poor home environment, poor relationships, wrong work environment etc.  You have to proactively seek the right medical treatment and follow through on their instructions.

When something in your life needs to change and improve, you have to do more than just believe that it can happen and that you are worthy of it happening. You have to actively change your thinking process, actively decide what needs changed in your life, actively create a plan to make it happen, and actively take those steps of action to create the desired change.

Notice that I say you first have to change your thinking process. First you believe in that what you want is possible. Then you must realize that change starts inside of you. Changing your thoughts. Changing your decision making process. Changing the direction you are moving in.

Then you act on this ability you have established (thinking clearly, wisely, and with focus).

You create your own goodwill in life. You bring everything in your life to you, through your own doing. If you trace back every event in your life good and bad, you will find it comes back the choices you’ve made. You chose to be where you were, doing what you were doing and how you were going about it.

Do I believe in miracles? Absolutely! And I firmly believe miracles will arrive after you are already doing your part to bring about the best outcome for yourself. Faith is great and wonderful, but we are each our own savior. We create our own destiny.

Start to do more than just sitting back and believing. Start taking action in the right direction and watch as the doors of opportunity begin to appear and open for you.



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