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Tips to Restore Your Energy Levels

Restore energy

Tips to Restore Your Energy Levels




There are 3 basic principles for feeling good, healthy and strong on every level and for restoring your energy. They fall under one cover word – Balance!

Before you can create good energy and enthusiasm for your life, you have to believe in it! You’ve got to believe in living a balanced lifestyle, in making decisions that support your well-being and taking actions that fulfill this belief.

As a fitness enthusiast, instructor and coach (both life coach and sports coach) I cannot express enough the importance of creating balance in your life in everything we do!

Who and what we are is energy and what gets emptied must be replenished.

We have to learn and implement strategies to keep our souls, minds and bodies healthy, strong and rejuvenated.

We want to have the strength and energy to put into the activities we enjoy. We want to have the strength to handle what life brings us.

Balance & Energy Begins With…

To have this, we’ve got to believe in it and we must learn to believe in self-love and self-care.

If you missed our series this year on Self-Love & Self-Care, you can click that link to begin learning how to love yourself greater.

The more we value and take pride in believing in our worth, the better we will begin to take care of ourselves and make better decisions in regards to our health.

Valuing Our Health

I want you start thinking of your health as energy, for that is exactly what it is.

Health = Energy

Energy = Better day to day living experiences + Enthusiasm + Joy = You Loving Your Life!

This is so important to understand and imperative that we place our health as #1 on our priority list.

We can only take care of others to the degree in which we take care of ourselves.

As women, this is a hard one to admit but we know its 100% true!

We all want more energy, strength (resilience) and better health, so it’s time to believe we are worthy of it and that we can create it.

We have this one life and one body and we’ve got begin respecting it! The sooner you value yourself greater, and your health, the sooner your entire life experience will improve!



The #1 underrated determining factor for our health, well-being and sanity.

Everyone is different in exactly how much sleep they truly need and our sleep needs fluctuate depending on our present level of health and the activities we participate in during the week.

Here is what really happens when we sleep. Our bodies go into reset and healing mode. So, whatever stressors your body and mind experienced throughout the day, sleep is when they dissolve out of your body’s energy system. Picture all that negative energy you allowed in during the day as exiting your body like steam on a hot day.

When we don’t allow our bodies the sleep it needs, our systems can’t release our pent up negative energy. Eventually we experience more stressful scenarios like illnesses and bad decision making.

Our bodies naturally heal while at rest because as you sleep your systems return to their natural state of balance!

On the flip side, too much sleep is just as bad as not getting enough! If we are not moving (awake and active) enough, our bodies again cannot restore ourselves back to our natural balanced state.

Sleep is where the magic happens. You may not have known this until now. Our creative genius that lies within every one of us, can only be tapped into from a quiet state of being. Both mind and body must be still and at peace in order to allow our innate creativity and talent to flow naturally. Depending on our ‘gifts’ we can create a trance like state that is very similar to sleep while participating in our passion activity.

(This can happen also while the body is in motion, as it does for athletes. In this situation, that environment allows the athlete to utilize their genius talents. At some point before the physical activity happens, the athlete has created a quiet, calm space in which to prep and align themselves for the athletic performance ahead.)


The #1 reason why people are not as healthy as they can be and enjoying life as they could be.

Just as important as sleep, our bodies were created to move. We are not meant to be sedentary at all. We don’t realize this because we grow up going to school and training our bodies to sit for hours on end. Then we grow up and repeat this poor health behavior for even longer hours as we work long days, commute and flutter to and fro trying to keep up with our over scheduled week.

Exercise and getting our bodies moving is not nearly as difficult and challenging as we make it to be. Even just getting a good 30 minute walk a day in does wonders to help our bodies (and minds) restore back to a healthy balanced state that replenishes our energy levels.

There is a type of exercise possible for every possible excuse (physical condition) you could come up with to not exercise.

Ultimately, your health is your responsibility and therefore it remains your duty to believe that you have purpose in this life and are worthy of fulfilling that purpose and understanding that better health will allow you to enjoy fulfilling that purpose even more.

Here is a secret to successful living, achieving goals, being respected and valued by others. Nobody else in the world is going to care about you and what you are wanting to do if YOU don’t care about yourself and your well-being first.

If exercising, and creating a healthy lifestyle has been challenging for you, it doesn’t have to remain that way!  The first thing to do is stop trying all the quick fixes and 21 day diets and exercise plans. The second thing to do is invest in learning more about self-love and self-care.

The biggest take away women get from working with me in everything I do is this –

As soon as we Up our Self-Love & Self-Care & Self-Worth, everything else in our life will also begin to improve.

This is where we start, always, every single time!

When it comes to the energy we have and can tap into, we have to learn to balance our physical output. This means that if we rest, we also must move. If we move a lot, we must allow ourselves time to replenish.

This means we also cannot just go, go, GO! Over exercising is also a challenge for some.

The key is balance. The emphasis is that we get up and move, that we challenge our bodies, our cardio systems and our muscles. To stay strong and healthy, we must use all of our body on a regular basis.

We don’t have to perform Hercules feats, we just have to get up and move daily.


Our Diet

I don’t believe in diets.

We are what we eat and what we take in is exactly what our bodies will have to use for energy and strength for the activities we want to be doing. Therefore, if we want more energy, vitality and strength to experience life more enjoyably, we need to take in as fuel foods that are good for us.

It’s about balance.

There are people with ‘perfect’ diets who still get sick and injured. There are people with terrible diets who smoke and never exercise who live to be 90.

We are also more than what we eat.

If you can focus on taking in the nutrients your body needs (fruits, veggies, grains, proteins and healthy fats) than you will have the energy your activities require your body to put out.

We can all do better. Every single one of us, myself included.

That is why it is about balance.

Balance and consistency over the long haul will help you build the levels of health, strength and energy that you desire to have.


Consistency Creates Improvements

This is also why I don’t believe in diets and short term exercise plans – they are short term. Of course, you can work these plans to a T and see results. But can you do them for years on end? What we do over the long term is what matters!

Consistency in life is what creates improvements in anything and everything we are and do.

With our health, especially. (As well as with our goals.)

What you spend 15 years doing over and over day in and out is going to require longer than 21 days, 6 weeks, 6 months or one year to repair and rebuild into a newer and healthier, more balanced way of living.

With focus and a strong WHY, we can create deep internal shifts at the soul level quickly and this combination can really allow permanent changes to happen in a short amount of time. A lot can happen in one year if we consistently show up and put in the effort to making better decisions and following through when it comes to our sleep, our exercising and our diets.

It’s the little steps we take every day that add up over time. Every time you make the same decision again and again in the exact same manner, you are establishing and strengthening a habit. A habit is simply the way you physically express the approach you have to your life.

If any or all of these areas your life are things you struggle with, it’s okay! Focus on the long term, and creating new decisions and changes that can be implemented slowly, over the course of time. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to create the improvements you desire when you shift your intentions from short term to life long lifestyle changes.

I want to revisit the idea of improving our levels of self-love and self-care, this is where it all begins!

I invite you to visit our Learning to Love Me program and begin learning more about how wonderful and capable you are!

Then I also encourage you to sign up below for our 100 Days of Inspiration to jumpstart your motivation and focus for the goals you are working towards.

I’d like 100 Days of Inspiration!


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