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There’s Beauty in the Hot Mess

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There’s Beauty in the Hot Mess

The Progress is in the Journey & Going Oars Up

This is such a fun post for me to write. It’s one of my favorite topics to talk about in workshops! Do you ever feel like a hot mess? That life is just a hurricane or mucky swamp and you’re just like, “Why on earth is this my life? There’s supposed to be a lesson in this? I don’t find it funny at all.” And then you tip back an extra glass of wine, indulge in some chocolate and pat your messy hair back in place. Forget adjusting the tiara, there isn’t time for that!

I recently shared this with my fans and subscribers and I just had to write about it too. Funny how I never bothered to write about this for the blog though I talk about it all the time.

Whether you ARE the hot mess or it’s your life that’s a whirlwind, there is beauty to be found in it. I’m not talking about the whole count your blessings and be grateful concept either, although that is rather handy and good for the soul too. (You can indulge in the gratitude and blessings there.)

I AM Putting in the Effort

I’m talking today about what in the heck is going on when we set our goals, I mean we are dang tootin clear about our desires and intentions. Then we ARE showing up, like every day or most days, I mean we are like setting records with our consistency and our efforts applied – despite the swirl of craziness going on. I mean, we should be winning awards for managing chaos and still being able to put in that effort. Right? You with me? I see some of you nodding your heads.

Here is what I want you to understand and this is so important for the journey we are on and for those BIG goals we’ve set. This understanding is what keeps successful women from just up and quitting when the going gets tough.

Hot Mess Alert!

The beauty (that progress and the results you are wanting), it’s in the middle of the HOT MESS going on. Whether that hot mess is you or your life – maybe both, it doesn’t really matter.

There is transformation going on in that hot mess! Embrace it!

You can’t see the progress. You can’t feel the results. You sure don’t see the results. Quitting sounds much more worthwhile and productive.

Yet, it is happening.

The growth, the time change requires, the lining up of it all for you being done by God (the universe) – this is ALL happening in the midst of your Hot Mess. It really is. If I were to look at your life right now I could probably nail it on the head really quickly too.

It’s just that when we are in the midst of it and it feels like we are drowning and we’ve lost sight of our life jacket – we don’t see it.

If you stick with your goals long enough… I mean this wholly and truly, you will learn how to FEEL the progress being made and you will be able to FEEL it all lining up even if your eyes are not able to see it.

Your Canoe

I want you to picture a canoe and you sitting in this canoe. Your canoe can look like however you want it to. Polka dots, glitter you name it, you get to decide what your canoe looks like.

This canoe is your life.

And while yes, the water you are on and mother nature are out of your control, you ARE in the canoe and you ARE the one holding on to the oars.

You get to decide how you maneuver your canoe.

It might rain on you for 10 days and you can decide to give in, let your canoe fill up with water, let yourself capsize and be washed away downstream.

You could pull over to the shore, flip your canoe and use it as a shelter until the storms pass and then get back in the water and continue on.

You could also decide to just put your head down, trusting your instincts (knowing that you can do this and what are you doing will get you there) and keep paddling forward and arrive at your destination on time or perhaps a day behind schedule. You might be soggy but heck, you made it and it was just rain – you didn’t melt.

Your Goals Are Downstream

How does this relate to our goals and the hot mess issue? When we can’t see the progress we are making? 

Everything you want in life is downstream. So even if by mistake or a not so grand decision was made, you wind up on a different outlet of the stream, you go oars up! You will still get where you want to be so long as you stay focused on the vision and the outcome you desire.

All the detours you could possibly find yourself on in life, will lead you right to where you want to be, if you get and stay clear about where it is you want to be going.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we need to stop fighting and battling our way upstream. Often the chaos and hot mess that we are and feel is because we are simply putting up so much fight and resistance to the very evolving (ahem, changes) that needs to happen. When we go oars up and let the oars rest on the canoe, our canoe (life) will naturally turn itself back facing downstream and the current will guide us back to the route we are supposed to be on.

Nevertheless, I promise you, if you are showing up consistently and putting in the effort – progress is being made. It’s likely noticeable by others. It’s easily recognizable by those who are mentoring you. You might not see the progress because you are not looking for it in the right places.

All growth and changes in life, those results and experiences that we want, have to start from within first. We don’t always see THAT? We aren’t usually looking for it on the inside, we are expecting to see it all happen on the exterior. If this hot mess that is you and your life has you down and discouraged, take some time this week to look at all that you are doing. Think about how you’ve been handling everything. Think about your strengths and skills you have been using and strengthening.

Trusting Your Instincts

You’ve got to trust. You have to have faith that the ‘hot mess’ challenges you are facing, are the very skills that you need to be strengthening for some part of your journey down the road.

Perhaps there are rapids downstream for you, maybe there is a tiny little runoff with such a small opening in the middle of those rapids and that opportunity is the open door for your dreams. This season you are going through where you are working all your muscles and wits – may be the very thing you need when it matters most. So, keep going. Keep practicing what you are doing and put in the effort to get better at doing it and at handling it.

If we want to level up in life (reach those goals), we’ve got to acquire the ability to be able to handle it.

There is nothing wrong with being a Hot Mess or having a life that seems to always be a mess – as long as you understand where it is you are wanting to go and you keep doing your best to get there.

The Time is Now

In this, just because life is crazy and filled with too many responsibilities doesn’t mean you should put off those goals and dreams for a better time. Waiting for a better time is the worst! That’s like pulling your canoe over to the back under a murky waterfall and sitting there for years waiting for the rain to stop. Life gets better when we become better.

Take a break if you need one, but get back into the water and keep paddling. Through the hot mess is where you learn and grow, learning to put in that effort anyways, despite the chaos, will pay off for you in dividends. The time for working towards your goals and big dreams is NOW! Not tomorrow, next month or someday. It’s today. Every little step counts. Every dropping of your oar into the water and giving it an intentional glide in the direction you want your life to go in – counts.

A little paddling can change the entire direction your life flows in.

Whether you are the hot mess (a beautiful one at that!) or your life feels like a hot mess (ok so maybe it is) – there is beauty in the midst of it if you know where to find it. The progress is made IN the journey, not by sitting on the sidelines waiting for a magic fairy to wave a wand.

Learn to use it, the amazing and lovely hot mess that is you and this life, to propel you forward to your goals.

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