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The Things in Life We Have Control Over

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The Things in Life We Have Control Over


It is so easy to fall into a loose style of thinking and approach to life, that we simply have little say or control over what happens to us and how our days can go.

The truth is this is a weak and unsuccessful way to go about life.

We CAN control many things that we encounter in our day to day living! We REALLY CAN!

The first step to gaining some control in your life is:

Declaring that you actually have control over much of it. If you believe you have personal power than you will exhibit personal power and thus experience a more enjoyable and higher quality of life. (Also known as having an internal locus of control and personal ownership.)

The next step:

Is to take an accurate look at how your life stands here, now – today. Where are you really at?

What does your health look like?

How are your relationships -first with yourself, then with others?

What is your financial state?

How is your career going?

Where are you spiritually? Consciously?


Once you can write down a solid response to those questions, then you have a starting place to move forward from.

The truth about life is – when you own, it you own it.

No more blaming, excuse making, or throwing pity me parties.

Each of those 5 categories above you have total control over. Yes, you do.

This is what is called decisive living.

Your health is as it is due to the decisions you’ve made about your health and well-being up until now.

Your relationships are as they are because of the boundaries and values you’ve set and allowed.

Your career, who you work for, how much you make, what you actually do – all that is solely on what you’ve deemed yourself worthy to be.

Your finances – direct result of the decision and values you’ve created regarding money and what you can do with it.

Your spirituality (not your religious belief) is the level in which you live your life at – it is your level of consciousness. And once you wake up to owning the level in which you approach life at – you realize your approach defines everything else – it determines the opportunities, ceilings and way in which you interpret and experience life.  One you are exposed to this (like right now) it becomes a decision also.

We can have control over just about everything we experience in our life when we decide to own this life we have and how we approach it.

Here is a short list of the things we can develop control (decisiveness, action and thus results) over:

Our thoughts

Our emotions (words we use to describe how it is we are interpreting life as we experience it)

Our words

Our actions

Our results (approach determines decisions + actions which equals results)

Our health (mentally, emotionally, physically)

Where we live

Who we live with

How we live

The foods we eat

If we exercise

The boundaries we set in relationships

How we view ourselves and our worth

What we will do to earn a living

Where and who we will work for

How much we receive in exchange for our strengths and talents

How we use our time

Who and what we give our time and energy to


This list could go on and on. You get the idea though. There are a multitude of things in life we can regain control over and determine the outcomes for.

I want you to realize you can and do HAVE power over these areas of your life. Rise up today and pick an item in that list to begin claiming power over. Get decisive. Have courage and faith as you work through this process of regaining ownership of your life.

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