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The Difference In Writers

The Difference In Writers

The Difference – Between The Writer That Quits and The One That Is Extraordinary!

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I see this difference all the time, in fact I can sum up pretty quickly if you will be the writer who quits after putting in little effort and the one who continues to raise the bar both with their writing and their efforts for growing as an author.

It’s everywhere on social media, writers saying something like “I’ve queried 25 agents and nothing. But I have published an ebook and sold 100 copies. Or 1,000. Go figure.”

And then you see some self-published authors who’ve done what it takes to build a true platform, who’ve channeled their writing talent into many avenues (think traditional publishing, ebooks, audiobooks, videos, magazine articles, blogs, podcasts, teaching ventures and so on). These writers are able to create a real brand and business for themselves and live comfortably off of their writing income.

If you want to make it as a writer you’ve got to grow beyond just one line of thinking – only being published traditionally, or simply tossing your book out as an ebook and doing nothing else.

The thing is – success doesn’t care what you think of what is required to make it. Success simply returns back to you the effort you’ve put in.

Agents and Publishers are busy, they simply do not have time to hold writer’s hands and walk them through the process. They need writers to step up and meet them at the very least at the halfway point.

If an agent/publisher sees that a writer is absolutely determined to get their ‘special’ book published traditionally, yet at the same time is working intelligently and diligently to build themselves as writers, businessmen (building a brand and learning to market themselves), they will be much more likely to take a few minutes of their time and spend it thinking you over.

A successful writer today is not one who writes a manuscript, sends off a couple dozen queries and just waits. No.

A successful writer is one who never stops working, writing, growing and creating whatever they can for themselves.

A successful writer will apply intensity and passion to that ‘special’ book they want published traditionally and in the process (a lengthy one usually), they will also:

1. Be creating more books or writing projects and finishing them.

2. Be finding other avenues in which to get published (magazines, online, other media forms with new writing projects – ebooks/audio/video/blogs).

3. Be learning about and growing that social platform – which is truly a full time job investment in itself.

4. Take risks with their other work – to learn and improve both in their writing and as a person.

5. Be a continuous student – learning as much as they possibly can.

6. Be an apprentice – applying that new knowledge as often as they can.

7. Will dig, climb, fight, as they continue to move forwards and climb upwards.

If you want to become a successful author you must be willing to do what it takes to be successful. You must build yourself as a person, as a writer and build yourself into a brand.

If you are just that Jane Doe who only turns in one manuscript and waits – maybe you do have a great book and it gets accepted and published. But once it’s released – nobody knows your name.

Compared to the writer who has pounced on every opportunity and created all those opportunities for themselves in which to grow and get their name and work out there (that social platform) and not only has a book accepted and published but in the meantime is earning income from these other writing ventures, is growing as a self- marketer, social figure, and has a following.

The day this writer’s book hits the shelves – people will likely have heard the name. Even if they can’t put a face or add anything to the name – they can recognize this person has begun to create something.


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I write about this concept in my article “Reasons I Don’t Use Outlines.” And in The Decision.
The energy you put into your work and your name is just that – Energy. And it will be received by others. You can tell when someone is on to something, when they are shaking things up, making things happen and are climbing up. You can tell when someone simply rolled the dice hoping to get lucky and if they get lucky they haven’t done a single thing to continue it.

If your mindset is that you as a writer will grow every day in your writing and how you are growing yourself as an author – that energy will build momentum and it will expand outwards. Your energy will be felt by others and in a subconscious way people will be drawn to you and your work. They will naturally be drawn to that which is growing and expanding.

I’ve seen it countless times while working in the bookstore. Those best seller names – even the ones who’ve just made it onto the list, they have something extra. They’ve done something extra. With their writing, with their name (branding/marketing/just who they are as an author). There are authors who are not best sellers in terms of hitting the lists, but they still sell very well and have a strong following. The reason is because these writers have built a brand, a reputation that their readers know they can rely on and look forward to that next book release.

If your method is to simply write a book, and then submit queries and wait – you will never make it! Even if you are that lottery ticket winner, you’ve got to begin building yourself in every aspect of being an author. Or your next book will flop because you failed to learn and do what success requires!

The time, effort, energy, and commitment that success as a writer requires – it will require everything out of you. This process, this requirement of learning and growing and building (beyond just that one manuscript you keep sending out) is what separates those who make it and will experience a solid career as an author, and those who just quit.

If you want to make it, if you want to be published (more than once and with your work doing well), you’ve got to get started today on learning how to and building yourself into a writer that is a great writer, a great thinker and doer, and a solid business person.

Agents and publishers want to work with those who are willing to do what it takes to become great and that itself is entirely up to you.

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