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Tapping Into Your Natural Sources of Energy

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Tapping Into Your Natural Sources of Energy



I want to let you in on a little secret that successful people know and utilize. When we follow our passions, and allow our purpose to evolve, we find ourselves with a natural inner oil well for maximizing and maintaining the levels in our energy reservoir.

Purpose in its essence is natural energy that is driven, focused and propelling forwards in form. Our purpose in life is a combination utilizing our interests, strengths and talents and it is innate.

If you don’t know what your life purpose is, you can begin to discover it in my Lining Up Your Goals with Your Life Purpose class.

For today though, we are talking about our energy levels and how to refuel our energy tanks and make the most of the energy we do have.

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Our Passions

When we are doing what we love to do (those interests and passions of ours) we get excited, curious and our heart and spirit fills up with love and enthusiasm for the activity we are participating in.

This love and enthusiasm IS energy and it is a type of energy that is not dependent on outside sources (stimulants like caffeine, people or conditions). It’s an internal renewable source of energy available 24/7.

It is a key reason why successful people seem to just do their thing with ease for hours and hours on end. Everything else tends to fall away and blend into the background when we are doing what it is we are meant to be doing. When we allow ourselves to indulge in our passions we just don’t care! We find ourselves in our own little world even if we are actually engaged with other people.

Time seems to fly past and stop altogether at the same time! Have you ever experienced this? When you look up from your passion activity and realize several hours have gone by and you didn’t notice the passing of time. Yeah! That is a big sign that you are aligning your talents, interests and purpose in life.

Living Authentically

If you are a woman who finds herself stressed and exhausted all the time – this is your soul telling you that you are out of alignment and not doing what are meant to be doing with your life. Because when you are aligned, you will have energy!

Pursuing our passions and allowing ourselves to evolve with and into our life purpose enables us to wake up looking forward to the day and to rest our heads at night feeling peace inside.

Your Goals

When it comes to the goals we set and go after, you will find them much easier to achieve if you align them with your passions and purpose in life. Again, it’s because you are tapping into your innate energy reservoir. These kinds of goals you WILL achieve, because your soul has to evolve and these types of goals are a natural part of who you are. Thus, achieving them is a natural outcome of who you are if you allow yourself to indulge in them.

If you want more energy and enthusiasm for your life, start devoting more time into YOU, the activities and things you enjoy doing and learning more about. Start shifting your goals to be centered around these passions and believe me, if you haven’t already discovered it, you will figure out your life purpose by following your passions in life. In some way or form, your purpose is directly correlated with your life purpose.

It may be in the skills, the discipline and focus, the experience or wisdom that can be carried over to your purpose or your passions and purpose may be one and the same.

We wonder how successful people manage to juggle multiple big goals at the same time and manage multiple businesses or do several big events at once – it is because they do what they love and the energy required to perform well is natural, internal and renewable. It’s just there.

Improving Your Energy

If you are low on energy, it is time for real reflection on how you have been going about life. Your energy tank naturally refuels itself when you are living authentically and implementing good self-love and self-care. Your energy soars when you are leading a life centered upon your passions, talents and purpose.

So, I ask you this: What are you passionate about?

Answer that and follow it. Pursue it to the best of your ability. You will discover energy and enthusiasm for your life like never before. Plus, you’ll realize who you really are and why you are here and just what you are meant to be doing with your amazing and lovely talents.


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