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What’s Your Story? Change Your Story, Change Your Life

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What’s Your Story? Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Today’s inspiration comes from personal experience as I go through this transformation with every single goal I set and go after and reach. It’s a necessary process in achieving goals and creating change. With each goal achieved, I have to edit the story of ME, of who I am now and what is possible and where I am headed and who I am.

I was reminded of this a few times this summer and shared this with subscribers and them I’d do an official post on it soon, and here it is.

As our kids head back to school and we get back in our routines, I know many moms who really spend a few weeks feeling kind of lost. The change in the daily/weekly routine causes more stress instead of relief and I hear from women every week who can’t figure out why life isn’t getting better and they’re not reaching their goals.

Learning this and remembering to think about it often makes an incredible difference in your life so please take this one to heart!

Your Current Story

This post is titled Telling the Story of You. I want you to think about the ‘story’ you tell yourself all day long, every day about who you are and what you are doing and how life is going.

What story is running through your mind? What story are you expressing out into the world in your actions, conversations and in your social media posts?

Whatever story you are telling is the story you are believing to be true for you and your life.

The story you tell is showing your beliefs, your self-imposed limitations, where you are going, what you are doing daily etc.

Your Energy

You’ve heard me talk about it plenty, that the kind of energy we put out into the world is the kind of energy we get back. That any change we want to see and get in life, first starts with changing who we are inside first.

That we need to pay attention to the energy we allow into our personal space bubble and that we become most like the 5 people we surround ourselves with. So Much Truth!

If we want things to get better, to feel better, we need to pay attention to the energy we give out and the energy we allow in!  I call it ownership of our life. We have to create boundaries for the energy coming in (or trying to force its way in). We have to develop clarity on who we want to be and what we want to do and how we want our life to be like (that’s the energy we give out).

Our energy also expresses our expectations and beliefs for what is not only possible for us to experience but it directly effects how we interpret life going on around us and our daily experiences.

Life isn’t getting better for you because:

You continue to speak of a life that isn’t getting better. You keep allowing yourself to think of, feel, speak of and you keep acting in ways that are the SAME OLD story.

You can’t lose 10lbs if all you do is speak of how hard it is to lose 10lbs or that it’s impossible for you and you look at others and say “well yeah its easy for them because…”

If you want to lose 10lbs you’ve got to start within, thinking better thoughts about your health, your ABILITY and BELIEVING that YOU CAN and that better health is possible.

** You have to stop posting and sharing 5x a day, things that are negative and contrasting to what you really want.

Story #1: You want to lose those 10lbs. Stop talking about being ‘fat’ or being too tired to exercise or that you are too broke to eat healthier or get a gym membership and posting pictures of unhealthy foods all day long! Unfriend or unfollow people who only post that negative stuff!

Story #2 How about money! I hear so many women, especially Moms talk about their tight budgets! Well, what are you doing about it???? Are you doing the same old you’ve been doing for the last 5 years? Are you only talking in terms of limitation and lack? Are you looking do something extra on the side to make money? Or are you using kids and the same 24 hours in a day we all have as excuses for not?

We go and blow $100 at target without blinking an eye but yet we won’t invest in something real and concrete, that could build us and our future, not to mention create an income stream for us.

Story #3 How about time? And our goals and dreams? If your story is a perpetual page after page declaration of I’m so busy and I don’t have time for this or that.. guess what?!

Your life will never get better!

We all have 24 hours in a day, kids, houses, pets, our health to take care of, one demanding career, 3 jobs.

Yet some women ARE ABLE! There are Moms working full time careers, schlepping the kids around to all the activities, running the house, building and living out their bucket lists just fine. It may not be easy as pie but they are doing it. The reason why is…. THEY TELL A BETTER STORY.

EDIT Your Life Story


If you WANT your LIFE TO IMPROVE, you must pay attention and edit the story you tell yourself and the story you share with others about


There is a reason successful people love affirmations. They are baby beginner steps for learning how to think better, feel better, speak better and express higher, better energy about ourselves and into our life.

I want you to LOOK at the story you speak about who you are and what is going on in your life.

Its time to start editing that story.

I’m challenging you to do this. Grab a notebook and write down the story you’ve BEEN telling. Then X the heck of it out in black sharpie.

And REWRITE your story.


Use all the exercises and tools we’ve been using this year. All those Learning to Love Me principles.

If you have not yet received these tools, sign up for our 100 Days of Inspiration to get you started today!


Telling Your New Story

Now tell it how you want it to be.

“I have lots of energy. I’m healthy and active and strong. I feel good. I feel really good. My life is exciting and filled with adventure and rewards. I love my life. I have time for my family, time for friends. I have time for ME. I take good care of myself. I enjoy my work, I get paid well, I feel like I am on purpose and living life well. I’m doing the things I’ve always wanted to do. The money I want and need is flowing in. I have people arriving willing to help me. I allow myself to be helped. I seek out good mentors to learn from. I have time every day for me, to make progress on a goal.”

See. THAT is a story that ignites passion, energy and stirs up great things within you and also draws to you people who are also filled with LIFE and ENERGY.

Lots to sink in and think about with this one today.

If you are reading this it is because you are READY for real change. You are ready for growth. It starts with changing the story of YOU. How you write, tell it and share it. Remember that energy concept! BELIEVE in this new story of YOU, that YOU CAN and YOU WILL and YOU ARE!


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