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Stop Asking for Permission to Live Your Life


Stop Asking for Permission to Live Your Life

Did you miss the post that preludes this one? Go read it first! Great stuff and it will help you rock this owning your life notion.

Today we are borrowing once more from the incredibly powerful series I’ve been sending subscribers this year. This is just too good to limit it and the freedom that comes with this is so empowering! If you are not on my email list yet, go sign up here now! You are missing out!

First & Foremost

Grab a postit and write down 3 things that first come to your mind as to WHY You Are NOT…… It could be about your goal or that thing that needs to change. Just write it down and don’t think twice about it. Let it out. You might write down whatever it is you feel is holding you back from making that big decision you really want to make. 

Let’s get to the bottom of this. Today. Let’s do it.

The other day I cut through that bs about making excuses and you know what we are back it again today.

Did you write those 3 things down? Good. Carry on. 

Why You Are Stuck!

I bet every single one of those 3 things you wrote down, when we get to the bottom of it as to why YOU HAVE NOT YET (decided) for whatever the heck it is….

Is because you are waiting and looking for other people in your life to approve of it first before you are willing to believe in yourself enough and in your worth enough for YOU to APPROVE IT.

You don’t believe that you can, that you can have it, get it, achieve it and be it!!!

That is why you are not DECIDING on it yet. You are waiting.

Maybe if someone else thinks its a good idea, maybe if they think I have the talent for it, maybe if they do it too I could do it, maybe…… that list goes on and on.

OR maybe you are so dependent on other people that if they tell you no, or they laugh, or the scoff or they mock you or they shun you, that you hide and just don’t.

Your Personal Power

I want to ask you this and I’m going to get a little brass here. You are here cause you want change and you want better. Let’s do it. I won’t leave you. I got you.

How in the hell does anyone else on this planet have any idea who you are, what you are capable of, what your purpose in this life is when they cannot even figure that s* out for themselves?


STOP GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER to other people. IT has to STOP.

If you want things to get better for you, if you want different experiences to enjoy and benefit from, YOU HAVE GOT TO OWN YOUR LIFE, YOUR POWER & YOUR DECISION MAKING.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY else gets that power of yours, not one ounce for one second longer.

From here on out, nobody else gets to have say in what is right for you, in what you can do and become and how you ought to be going about your life.

The ONLY REASON you do not have what you want is because you are too busy giving away your power and waiting for other people to decide for you what is right for you. THEY ARE NOT YOU. they do not know. NO THEY DONT.

Claim Your Power Now

But you do. Yes. You know. You know deep down what it is you want in life. You know who you are. You may have been hiding from her for some time now but you know who you are. You know what is good and right for you (once you eliminate all that negative energy and heal up those boundaries this will be clear as day).

You know. You do.

Stop asking others if it is okay for you to do this or that.

Stop waiting for others permission for you to be who you want to be.

Their opinion, at the bottom line, doesn’t count.

IT has NOTHING to do with love and how much you love them or they love you.

Real LOVE for yourself and others and receiving it – will always honor your authentic self which does not need anyone’s permission to live and thrive and be genuine.

Real love understands that what is right for you is good for you and thus must be good for the relationship one has with you, otherwise, just to clarify, that would mean you are giving the relationship less than you are capable of if you are not allowing your real self to shine and thrive.

That thing you want, that goal you have, that change you desire – if you want it, DECIDE that it is now yours.

Just make the decision.

Take a step of action towards it.

The Outcome

I know what will happen.

You will finally understand what it feels like to be alive and free, to be stepping into you, to be evolving, to be living intentionally and on purpose.

IT will feel right and good to you.

That is what you want. Is to feel good. For life to feel right to you.

It can only feel good and right to you if you are allowing yourself to actually live.

Living requires nobody else’s permission.

Just make decisions and start living your life as you’d like to. It is that simple. 

It is that freeing. Stop asking for permission to be you, to live life as you want to be. 

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