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The Still Misunderstood Driven Mom

The Still Misunderstood Driven Mom

My articles the this month about being a Driven Mom received great discussion! A few women – who truly are the Driven Mom, understood exactly what I was talking about and went “Yes, You Get ME!” A few women wanted to try showing (gracefully) that they too are driven moms but they choooooose to be happy just being a SAHM. And still a few more went on to say at one point they were Driven Mom but have succumbed to intentionally finding happiness in just being a SAHM.

I love all discussion from every angle by the way.

But I see the concept is still misunderstood. It’s hard to explain things in 800 words or less.


Many Driven Moms decide to stay home with their children, either because the costs of childcare have gotten as expensive as college, or they too believe it is what is best for their children and families.

Anyone can make good decisions for the ones they love, setting themselves aside in making that decision and then adjusting who they are to fit the bill.

The Driven Mom is not necessarily a career woman, although many Momprenuers are in fact Driven Moms.

Here is the difference between Driven Mom and other Moms. And this isn’t judgment for one is better than the other, I was simply try to explain what a Driven Mom is. And it is still misunderstoond.

The Driven Mom can never find peace and contentment in just doing the duties of housewife and Mom. Not a reflection of Driven Mom’s love for their family, it is the fact that these activities are repetitive cycles of the same thing that never changes/grows. AKA many are a waste of Driven Mom’s resources (time, energy, sanity) that she Needs to apply to something that will actually blossom and grow – that is separate from the roles of raising children and running the household.

For some Driven Moms, this gets spun into perhaps a big charity/community project, for some it is in being an athlete (that drive and challenge to grow and improve as a person/woman/athlete is there daily), and for others it is building a career that is hers (not working for others on their time clock, rules, pay/reward system).

Driven Mom as a human being, in how she was specifically designed and created with her unique talents and ambition has to have the outlet for that creative, driven energy. The outlet is like the oxygen in her blood – a must have.

And here is where the confusion happens. Everyone else thinks Driven Mom is judging – she’s not.

She’s trying to breathe.

Just like some women can fairly state they could never be a SAHM. Just like some SAHM’s can joyfully state they could never do or desire to be anything more than just a SAHM. Just like some women love working their jobs – but could never desire/be good at being a female entrepreneur.

The Driven Mom absolutely loves her family, knows the importance of her roles as mom and wife, and totally realizes unless she’s wealthy that she is the one to take on the bazillion to do’s of running the household.  But to be able to breathe, to feel complete and happy inside and out, to do her best at those roles of Mom/wife/household runner extroidenaire – Driven Mom must have that something that is hers – separate from those other roles and responsibilities.

This something else that is hers – is more than escaping the house for an afternoon to get her hair or nails done. It is more than having fifty dollars to spend on herself every so often. It is more than making cookies or a dish for whatever local potluck.  It is an innate, deep, deep internal drive to make life happen. To light the fires inside of her mind and soul, to create something that unlocks those elements that make her Her, and turn it into something that the rest of the world can see and experience.

This week’s topic wasn’t about being a SAHM or working Mom. It was about shining light onto some amazing women (also moms) who when they listen to that drive and pursue it, when they believe they are worth more than just being a Mom/Wife, bring the world incredible ideas/inventions/businesses that in turn actually make life for the SAHM and working mom easier and more doable.

The Driven Mom is the game changer, the one who stands up when the others remain seated, the one who leads from the back allowing others the chance to learn to lead and only  leads from the front when absolutely necessary. The Driven Mom is the one who isn’t afraid to require more of herself, to push the boundaries of all expectations and limits others place upon her – including the ones she has imposed on herself. She is the one who gives voice to so many others – because that innate drive in her cannot rest with only being a Mom and wife.

I know there are many ladies right now still not understanding – that is ok. There are some who think I (and Drive Moms) are maybe selfish (ooo that could make a great blog post), or that we don’t actually care about raising our kids well and keeping a more functioning house (Driven Moms usually actually have well functioning homes by the way). There are some who think we should just only be Moms and caretakers. Or that by being a Driven Mom and simply trying to express ourselves that we in some way are implying all Moms ought to be Driven Moms or not find satisfaction in just being a Mom and caretaker – quite the contrary.

To each woman her own, as long as she truly feels content and peaceful inside with her life as it is and her home and family are places that are relatively safe, loving environments to live in.

But for that Driven Mom, for the Mom who wonders, finds herself question who she is and if there is more to it (life) than what her current roles are… find the courage to explore. Be willing to try new avenues and take on risk and adventure. Be curious as to who you might able to be as a Woman, THE woman that you are deep, deep inside. Give yourself moments to breath and really question yourself.

Life is always changing and we must each grow in different ways and at different rates and adjust our sails as the winds and seasons change. Who you were last week or ten years ago may not be applicable to your life today? Who you are today might just get surprised at the ideas and activities that perk your interest! Be willing to grow!

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  1. Reply Kristen from Practical Mommy

    I definitely identify as a driven mom. I just can’t sit still and relax. But honestly, that’s the way I like it and I’ll probably never change. Thanks for this view on being driven.

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