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Steps For Success

Steps For Success

People ask me what it is I write about in my success books (The Decision and Empowered). This post will give you a brief idea. And I mean brief. This post also explains a lot about how I try and live my life every day.  Just about everything in this post is a success tip, hint or technique you can apply to your life to help you deal with people, life itself and begin achieving your goals. The concepts highlighted in red are indicators you are in fact making life happen successfully.


I’m so focused and working so hard, I just don’t have one ounce of energy or desire to participate in anyone’s whine party, anyone’s drama (you brought in on yourself) or be with those wanting to sit idle and watch life go by.

I mean I am putting everything I am into building a newer and better life for myself (and family).  I am making hard decisions that involve walking away from some activities and organizations I really enjoyed being part of, so that I can use that time for my work. I am reaching out and trying to create new concepts and programs that don’t exist yet, and I’m technically not yet qualified for but will be soon, in hopes of being a contributing member to give myself opportunities to learn, improve, expand and network.

And some people just don’t get it that I am on a mission. I’m not going to spend one ounce of my time, energy or other resources jumping through hoops ever again, unless it is part of building my dreams.

I’m human. I make mistakes, can’t give 110% 24/7, and I’m fairly patient and understanding. But let me tell you this, when you are a professional and screw up and I’ve already given you the benefit of the doubt and a second chance, that second chance is all you’ve got to impact me and make me want to stick with you and your business. I have no issue saying next and quickly moving on to the next best candidate.

Because somewhere out there, that next best candidate is just like me, working their asses off to become the best person and professional they can be, and they will give me their best. And their best at 75% is likely better than your best at 110%.

I’m decisive. In everything I do. When I owned up to this as an adult and professional myself, and began only saying yes to those people and things I truly believe in and will stand behind, and say no to just about everything elselife happens. The way I usually want it to. I give and receive above average quality service and products. Everything I do is moving me forwards and upwards. My yes means yes, and my no means no.

My maybe, it means I value you enough to spend a bit more time weighing how much I value what I’d be saying yes to, and if I can truly commit to it. My Maybe, means I respect and value you and when I end up saying no it is simply because I can’t give it what I believe it deserves and someone else likely can give it.

When you begin to make progress on your dreams, the excess noise (drama) that consumes so much of daily living for the average person, it fades. In fact, at a certain point, you don’t even bother to recognize it with a shaking of your head in disbelief (that others choose to live life that way).  Laser-like focus is when the rest of life fades away and the path you are on and are creating begins to shine brighter and clearer every day.

And you simply don’t care. You don’t care what others are or are not doing with themselves. You don’t care about the little petty things you use to fret over. You’ve learned to make problems into tiny pebbles. In fact, you likely carry one around in your pocket to gently remind you that life is truly only as difficult and challenging as you allow it to be. Life is a mental state, everything in life is a direct result of just how decisive you will decide to be.


Let these thoughts sit with you in the coming days. Did you count how many tidbits of success where mentioned in this short article? When you refocus your attention and energy to that which is good and moves you up and forward, you’re life and how you live it can begin to change.

In case you are wondering, there are over 15 steps for success mentioned here. Each is a tiny, yet important aspect of what it takes to become successful, to make your goals and dreams happen. Sign up to receive the Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. newsletter and begin living life decisively today.

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    Being determined to complete that mission always motivates me to succeed! Your posts are always so inspiring and helpful!
    Mikayla |

  2. Reply Angie

    Such an empowering mindset, Nicolette. Thanks for sharing.

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