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Just How Passionate Are You for Your Life?


Just How Passionate Are You for Your Life?


We are in the midst of our Energy & Enthusiasm series and today we are talking about PASSION energy, what it is, how to have more of it, how to apply it to our daily life and the difference increasing our passion will create for us in our results and experiences.

What is Passion?

It’s E +E +C! Passion is literally our level of energy and enthusiasm, the kind of energy and enthusiasm we apply plus our natural curiosity for what it is we are doing or are excited about. These three ingredients are both visible and invisible in how we experience them. 

We can see and hear enthusiasm as people feel it and express it. We can tell when the energy around us and in others nearby is tense and strong, when its weak and passive. We can tell when the energy is balanced, mellow and lovely. We can feel emotionally and physically when people are genuinely passionate about what they are doing – and we know mentally that the passion put into it makes a difference on how people experience what we are doing.


Let’s pause for a brief moment. Do you realize that everything you are and do is energy? It really is! Break our bodies down and we are just energy that’s combined together to create the cells of our body. We are energy. And our bodies function and live throughout the day at various levels of energy.

We describe these various levels as “I’ve got energy or I’m tired.” We describe this physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in an assortment of terms in multiple languages.

We are also able to control whether our energy is high, balanced or low based on factors like the decisions we make (mentally), how we eat, sleep and exercise (physical), how emotional we live our life (this is actually mental – a decision, that directly impacts our emotional state), and how connected we are with our innate selves and the universe (spiritual). All of our energetic states are connected and can directly influence our other kinds of energy.

So, we ARE energy and we can learn to harness the energy that we are and create. When we do learn to harness our energy, we create incredible, focused utilization of our energetic states (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) that becomes powerful momentum that actually moves mountains. (By moving mountains, I am talking about the energetic influence our energy has on other energies – people, objects and events.)

Everything we are and put into the world all day, every day is energy. This makes it really important that we pay attention to our energy levels, states and the approach we have for our daily living.



Curiosity actually comes before enthusiasm and curiosity is truly an innate soul level thing. There are things in life that every person is naturally inquisitive about and enjoys learning more about. For some its music, art, sports and for others it might be history, science or politics.

It kind of calls to you and beckons you to get closer and dive in deeper. This innate curiosity stays with you for a long, long time, even for a lifetime. The things we are naturally curious about and enjoy doing may have nothing to do with your career that pays the bills and frankly you don’t care and it doesn’t matter.

The things in life that we are passionate about (innately curious) we could care less if we ever get paid a dime to do it because we just love it that much. It is a part of who we are in the most intricate and intimate recesses of ourselves and we are very protective of it. We pretty much ‘have’ to do these passion activities, its just that much a part of who we are. Sometimes we can’t really describe it as anything other than a calling – we are called to contribute to an event, cause or organization.

Everyone has these natural curiosities and is drawn to them. We sometimes call them our quirks and childish games. We feel sheepish admitting as adults we are still curious about it and more so than we were way back when.

The truth is there is nothing wrong with being curious and having things in life you are passionate about. When we allow ourselves to ‘play’ with that which we are curious about and we add energy (focused faculties) and enthusiasm (excited and relief) to the mix – we start to know what it is to truly feel and be ‘Alive.’



Okay, I’m going to call you out on it right here and now. How enthusiastic are you about your life as it is right now? On a scale of 1-10 and 10 is My Life is Just Super Duper Amazing and Incredible, and 1 is My life is totally void of things I am excited and #mylifeisdrab. How would you rate your enthusiasm level for your life?

Think about the energy you put out during the day and what you also tend to experience. What we send out in energy returns to us like a boomerang in similar nature.

If we spend a good portion of our time thinking negatively, focused on all that isn’t good or going well, and we are around other people who pessimistic and not very enthusiastic, what do you think it is you will experience? Yeah, a life that is drab, down and not just exhausting but outright blah. Who wants that?

Think about the people you enjoy watching, following and look up to. What is their energy and enthusiasm like? It’s up and cheery, and sunny, isn’t it? Yes. These people talk highly about their work, their loved ones, their activities and their future. They whirl out boomerangs of joy, gratitude, optimism and expect good to happen in their lives and that is just what they receive in return!

Enthusiasm is a choice and it is getting decisive about the kind of energy and level of energy you exhibit throughout the day and month. We can DECIDE to have high, good, pure energy just as easily as we can choose to put out grumpy Gus, draining energy.


Yes, it is!

How much enthusiasm you have for your life is also a decision. You get to decide every day, all day if you will be enthusiastic and how much enthusiasm you will express.

Increasing Your Energy, Enthusiasm and Passion

You may be thinking, “But, I rated my enthusiasm level at a 3 or 5. I don’t have much to be enthusiastic about.”

If that’s you, take a good look at your life here and now. What could you change quickly? What could you work on changing in the next 3-6 months? What/who could you remove from your life that isn’t good for you and replace with people and things that are good for you and fills you with joy?

That’s what goals are. Goals are just how we define the changes we want to make in our life. Sometimes we have to clear out and clean up areas of our life in order to make room for the good we want to experience and receive. Sometimes we have to create goals that helps us rebalance and get back to the starting block before we can begin going after the things we really desire.

Think of it as spring cleaning yourself and your life – that is what it is!

If you rated your enthusiasm below a 6, it is time for some self-love, self-care and learning how to incorporate more of what you do enjoy and like into your life and weekly routine.

Imagine Yourself Passionate, Energetic and Enthusiastic!

What a feeling that is! How alive are you? Do you wake up excited for the day, for your life and what is in store for you today? That’s passion! That’s energy, curiosity and enthusiasm for this life you have! You can wake up every day feeling this way!

We can wake up every single day excited to hop out of bed and looking forward to the day.

When we incorporate things into our daily life that we genuinely are interested in, enjoy learning about and doing – that we align ourselves up with our natural balanced state of being. Our natural self is energetic, enthusiastic, and curious (wanting to learn and grow and improve).

Our problems in life and our lack of energy, excitement and interest is result of us listening to what everyone thinks and believes we should be doing with our time, energy and talents. Over time we’ve tuned out our inner voice (spirit) for so long it’s just a faint whisper. You may not recall the last time you really listened to what your heart and soul wants for you.

It’s time to listen to your natural, innate self once more. It’s time for you to set free your interests and passions in life and begin including them into your routine of self-care!

I dare you to follow through on this.

If it’s been a long time, make a quick 10 list, and write down 10 things you enjoy doing and/or are interested in and then pick one to start with.

Schedule 30 minutes every week to indulge in this topic/activity/interest and allow yourself to begin feeling good energy, enthusiasm and passion again!

You are worthy of it you know. You are worthy of waking up each day feeling relieved, filled with joyful expectation of feeling enthusiastic about your life. You are worthy of loving yourself wholly, and taking better care of you, so you can have more energy for doing what you love.  It’s okay to feel passionate and to live a life filled with energy, excitement and curiosity for who you can be.

If this is something you struggle with and want to learn more, try our 100 Days of Inspiration where you’ll find yourself on a path of self-discovery and passion for your life.

I’d like 100 Days of Inspiration!


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