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Why Am I Not Reaching My Goal?

Why Am I Not Reaching My Goal?


You will never come across someone successful who hasn’t asked themselves this question. Everyone who has ever achieved a goal has had to at one point or another asked themselves, “Why am I not reaching my goal?”

Would you like to know the reason why?

The truth is achieving goals requires you to learn, grow and change.

And that is the nuts and bolts of it. The wrench to make those nuts and bolts effective = success is actually a process.

Yes, there is in fact a method that is clear cut and works.

The #1 reason why you haven’t been achieving your goals consistently (if at all) and enjoying the results you want?

It’s not your excuse making, blame gaming, laziness or reasoning. (all which come in at a close 2nd)

No, the #1 reason why you aren’t achieving success….

You ARE NOT ready to actually CHANGE!

Goals requires us to become something bigger and different than who we currently are, otherwise we’d already have those results we want.

And most people are simply not willing to change. They don’t want to do any work.

Your goals will require you to become someone worthy of keeping the results.

If you won’t do any work to receive them and become a person capable of handling the results – what on earth makes you think you are worthy of just receiving something for nothing only to lose it ten seconds later?

If you’ve made it this far – that’s great.

It means you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It means you are fed up and you are done with living a life less than you are worthy of living.

It means you are at the very least willing to consider what achieving goals and real success requires.

And that is a start.

All changes require us to at least look at things, ourselves and the life we are living.

Remember I said successful people approach life differently.

It’s true, we do.

One of those differences is embracing the growth and learning that our goals require of us.

So if you are one who is wondering, “Why am I not reaching my goal?”

Here’s the deal

You still have more to learn, do and become before you are actually ready to both achieve the goal and keep the results you’re working hard for.

Take some time to start assessing just where you are at in the process and timeline of achieving your goal.

What steps/skills have you already figured out and built?

What are you aware of that you still need to work at?

If you can’t think of any other skills, knowledge or experience your goal requires of you go find a mentor or someone who has done something similar to what you are striving for and ask for a few minutes of their time. A good mentor will be able to recognize where you are at in the process and be able to see what you are missing from your ‘must learn and do’ list.

If we are failing to reach our goal all it means is we still have work to do before getting there.

Keep your chin up, stay focused on where you are headed and who you are becoming. You’ve made it this far and with a mindset that is willing to learn and grow you will be reaching that goal quickly enough.


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