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There is No Day Off

There is No Day Off

*Previously titled Do Not Get Comfortable*



Do not settle. Accept only your best.        

Push the limits daily, in what you can learn, in what you are able to do.

Every time you raise the bar, even just an inch, adds to your resiliency.

Every additional step, rep, mile, movement builds your resolve, your strength, your determination.

The moment you let up, that is the moment you allow yourself to get comfortable.

As soon as you forgo completing full sets, you will dangerously veer towards forgoing entire workouts.

One missed day – provides opportunity for weakness, excuses, and distraction to sneak in.

Do not allow it to happen.

Fire up your resistance to temptation to do it easy, to finish early, to skip one day.

That one moment of weakness is a precarious edge.

The untrained, undisciplined, unmotivated mind careens off this edge and struggles to climb back up.

The trained mind, the successful mind, the disciplined, driven, determined mind, knows the danger, and moves through the danger zone slowly, with laser focus, and does not stop until safely away from the cliff’s edge.

There are no days off in the mind of a champion. The body, it requires rest. The mind works the hardest on the body’s day off, this is where success resides.

Where others are resting, disengaged and partying life up, the champion is focused, on how to get through this day and back into the routine of hard work tomorrow.

The only comfort a champion has, is in knowing that as long as he shows up every day and works, the door to mediocrity stays bolted shut. 

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