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My Gym Just Did What?

My Gym Just Did What?

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My family belongs to 4 gyms to get our family’s needs met. You heard that right, 4 different gyms, and we live half an hour away from three of them.

My favorite just sent out a memo that all of their classes and trainers are realigning to better meet our needs. Basically ever single class is going to become cookie cutter images of each other.

But the entrepreneur and success writer (not to mention the athlete) in me just wants to scream “HELL NO!”

What makes THIS gym different is that each trainer gets to customer their classes a little bit, so they can ‘do their thing’ as a trainer. THAT is what makes a gym great! When everything has to be just like everything else and everyone has to teach just like everyone else – you lose your success!  You lose that extra special uniqueness that each trainer has and can give to their clients –  who are your paying gym members.

These classes are fairly similar anyhow, but some trainers push people harder (kind of the point isn’t it?) and some are more laid back and mellow (which is a great counter balance). Some trainers have more experience and expertise about some factors that they can toss into the class, first to teach their participants new things and second to change things up a bit. And this is great! The newer trainers, they get to settle somewhere in the middle until they figure out exactly what their ‘uniqueness’ is that they can contribute.

Nobody likes boring. When things stay the same you cannot change. You cannot get better unless the classes get better and the classes can’t get better when the trainers are put into a rigid highly controlled box.

Now this gym is part of a chain, so perhaps, it’s being pushed down by some higher ups who totally don’t get it, let alone who don’t go to these gyms and participate. Perhaps something happened somewhere and the gym God’s decided they had to succumb to fitting the mold and for some reason believe that fitting into a mold will prevent similar things from happening down the road (it won’t). In fact, the tighter the reigns applied the less flexibility there is to accommodate, flow and adjust to changes with ease.

Never, and I mean never, allow yourself or your work (especially when your work helps other people learn how to better themselves) to be shoved into a mold created by people who are not actively and directly involved in the actions and results that go on right in front of you.

Now if this happens because the owners or ‘gym God’s are literally right there every single week participating in these classes at THIS gym, and they see a need that not’s being met, fine. But if they understood anything about success and people and how people grow and change (not just how to add piles of cash to their bank accounts), they’d never make every class and trainer the exact same.

If a trainer or two isn’t getting the same results – that’s different. They simply need new and additional training added to their personal skills set, they would benefit from extra guidance. That doesn’t mean the other trainers are failing in any shape or form and they (nor their class members) should be punished by having to change what they are doing that is building their success.

So, as I go about casually mentioning a “What is this with new changes stuff going on?” at my favorite training spot… I really hope the changes they make are minor, so minor that I don’t even see them. Nevertheless, this created a great opportunity for me to discuss an integral component for success (a few actually).

A professional’s ability to be unique and authentic directly correlates with their success and their impact upon clients.

People wonder why the classes at their gyms are only so-so. I will tell you why. It’s because the best trainers weren’t allowed to do their thing, so they left and ventured out on their own and they likely have a solid client base and are just peachy fine.  The trainers that are remaining either don’t realize what they and their clients are missing, don’t know better or are so new they don’t have confidence to do their thing and make the gyms change.

If you are new to a gym or are going to check a new one out – you can learn very quickly how that gym is run. You will learn what the values are (if it’s money or if it’s about helping people learn how to change their lives and health around) by observing what is allowed and what isn’t. Ask questions. The more tight lipped the instructors are the more likely they work at a gym that is cookie cutter – which means no matter how awesome that instructor is – they can only train you to a certain degree because the gym limits the manner in which they can teach.

If you are serious about changing your life and your health – take the time to find the right gym to invest in. You want a gym where the trainers can teach at their best, where they can be themselves, where they can do their thing, because that is where you will receive their best and in turn be able to become your best.

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