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Mama Bear Musings

Mama Bear Musings


Are you new to Mama Bear Mode? See what Mama Bear is all about!

                Sometimes I, a responsible mature adult and parent, forget that others are not.


For example:

  • While in the middle of my workout. You letting your young kids wreak havoc on an entirely different floor of the gym out of your sight – not acceptable. It’s dangerous. I will politely ask your minions to return to you just once. If I see you, you best be in better shape than I am and start running. (Your child’s cuteness will not save you here.)
  • Cutting me off on the road while talking on your cell phone. You swerved right, your left blinker is on, there is nobody around us, and I’m going the speed limit. Good thing I was paying attention. And that you turned right again with your left blinker on.
  • Being a walker on the track and swerving all over the lanes without looking behind you. I don’t care how old you are or what you are doing. You keep getting in my way, without caring. Wonder what would happened if I tied you to me and made you run alongside me?
  • Riding your bike down the middle of the street. On a busy street.
  • Riding your motorcycle down the interstate without a helmet?
  • Being allowed to drive semi’s without passing a basic driving test. There is no way half the semi drivers have ever taken a driving lesson. There isn’t. No really, ask this Mama Bear.
  • I watched a basketball practice happen once. The coach cussed and screamed at the poor teenagers at least twenty times during the five minutes I had my headphones off because I could hear him over my music which was turned up because of the noise level of the practice. The other adults near me had stopped too. Not sure which was worse, that other coaches just let this guy be such a poor example for the kids or this coach’s behavior himself. At later times, I have heard from various people that the guy is like that all the time, yet he’s a good coach. Sorry folks, if you’re a grown man and act that way to young impressionable minds, you’re an idiot. Your job is to set the example for them on how to behave, not just to teach and coach them in basketball. A man that acts like that is not a man in my book.
  • Watching adults park their cars. How hard is it to park your car within your lane? If this tiny Mama Bear can easily park a big red pickup perfectly centered between the lines…you can park your teeny tiny car between the lines too.


If you wonder where part of this Mama Bear’s drive to work out so much comes from – well…reigning in the claws from dealing with those lacking common sense all day can do that. Best to unleash Mama Beast it in a workout.

Tell me – What brings out the Mama Bear in you?

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