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Little Pink Notebook

Little Pink Notebook

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My favorite tool as a writer and blogger is not my laptop, cellphone (keeping social media at hand), my resources of Who To Ask/Go To, my agent or publisher. It’s not the internet. It’s a little pink notebook that I loved so much I had to buy more of them.

It is a mirage of names, numbers, places, signs, and oddball thoughts. It is my place to write those ideas that randomly flash through my busy mind, ones that all I need to do is write down three or four words that later spin into chapter upon chapter. Funny how the mind works like that. I’ve written entire books off of a few pages of these random ideas and notions.

In this little pink notebook are a multitude of ideas for ever changing writing projects. Research concepts, inspirational moments, great quotes and even goals get jot down in its pages. Somewhere in there are lessons learned and things I want to be sure to remember – sometimes having nothing to do with writing.

I also record random achievements and progress made on things like rankings on certain websites or the first time I reached a new goal. I write down questions and things I want to learn more about.

This notebook is easy to take anywhere, allowing me to utilize those five minutes here and there. Much of my ideas and writing occur from making the most of those suddenly free minutes spent waiting for something or someone.

Since I spend a lot of time on the laptop or phone writing and handling social media, I like that I can unplug. My notebook doesn’t need saved, plugged in or the battery recharged. I just have to keep it away from liquids and little kiddie hands.

My pink notebook is the place where my creativity sparks and life’s reflections get jotted down. Anytime I need to refocus or get a spiritual uplift or a new idea to write about, the notebook I can turn to.

Technology changes every day, but the written word on actual paper is much more permanent. So little pink notebook, I thank you.

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