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To Level Up You Will Have To Ask For Help

To Level Up You Will Have To Ask For Help

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There comes a point in the entrepreneurial life in which you reach the ceiling of personal learning and growth for free. At this moment you realize you have arrived at a powerful moment for yourself personally, professionally and for your business.

You need help and you will have to ask for it.

You’ve done everything you can think of to improve and learn and applied all of that to the best of your ability to your business and you’ve plateaued. Most start out with that tiny budget, if any budget and you’ve maximized that to its capacity as well.

You know you have to level up.

You want to level up.

You want it so bad it burns and you can’t go any longer without making that giant leap into the next level. You know the possibilities and opportunities at the next level are huge for you and you find yourself at the edge of the cliff looking back. You know you have come a long way since the day this dream was just a tiny seed in your imagination.

You’ve done it, you’ve created something from nothing and as you turn and face the giant canyon between you and the future is the sinking reality that you can’t go on any further with help. You need to make some connections. You need to learn how to build this bridge over and up to the next level. You need some support to cross the bridge or jump off the springboard to get there.

The truth is, everyone who reaches success has been at this moment. Many times. Everyone who has managed to keep their business open, growing and thriving has been at this moment on numerous occasions.

We can’t go it alone.

At a certain point you as the individual will have to seek out and ask for help from those who’ve tread this path before you. You will need to build a team, for some a small team will work just fine. You will have to rise up and find mentors and ask for guidance.

When this moment comes you need knowledge and vision. You need to know where your business is right at this moment. You need a handle on what is working and not working for you. You need to know your strengths and your weaknesses.

You need your vision to be clearly defined.

This is how you will know what kind of help your business needs to continue growing and which direction you want it to be going in.

This stage of the game takes a lot of courage. It can be hard to take a good look at who you are professionally, what you have created and just how big the gap is between where your business is now and where you would like it to be.

Asking for help requires courage, vulnerability and transparency. Being willing to admit you don’t know what else to do, that you don’t know what the next steps are you need to take, that you’ve temporarily reached a learning curve block – takes guts and humility.

The kicker is that you have made it this far!

Most people never dare to begin building some new. Few make it into their second year of business – they quit and gave in to the fear, doubt and challenges immediately. Fewer yet will make it to this mark, to the place of owning up and realizing at a certain point you can’t go it alone.

You will require help to continue growing and thriving.

Here is what happens when you ask for help.

The ones you are asking for guidance from – they’ve already been in your shoes! They get it. Completely. They know the odds. They know the struggle. They know the risk. Mentors are fully aware of the percentage of people who make it to this point.

When you ask for help, when you are prepared with insight into where you are, where you would like to be and how you think working together will help bridge that gap, they see it. They see the difference in what sets achievers and the successful apart from everyone else, and they will see it in you.

This doesn’t mean they will do all the work for you. It doesn’t mean it will get easier. In fact, the challenges from here will continue to get bigger and more complex, but you will continue to strengthen and gain wisdom along the way to handle it all.

Asking for help and teaming up doesn’t even mean they will say yes. (If this is the case, it is because they believe they it is not the right fit for both of you.)

As you begin reaching out and seeking partnerships, you are practicing rising up to that higher level. You will develop greater clarity in what it is you are seeking and the vision you have for your business will strengthen.

The key is to get decisive in the direction you would like your business to go in. When you get decisive it becomes a matter of when, not if. When we continue to show up and be diligent in our efforts, the right assistance will show up – when we ask for that help!

               You will have to ask for help.

Keep the faith, stay true to your vision and accept this stage your business is currently in. Embrace the opportunity to continue learning and improving your approach. Never be afraid to admit you are at a place of not knowing what else to try or knowing what it is you need. Asking for help is an essential element for success.


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