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Just Go For It

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Just Go For It

I know, and I mean I KNOW without any doubt that a few of you need this today as well. If you are reading this it because a part of you is seeking more in your life and desires for you to have and experience life on a bigger, higher level.

Today, we are talking about that fear. That fear you’ve been avoiding and pretending never surfaced.

You see, I know that there was something, some goal or opportunity you thought about pursuing and you got brave enough to think about it and maybe even talk with others about it. Then fear crept in and you caught yourself and went right back to going about life as you had been.

But you want it. I know you do. That’s why you are here. So, keep reading. Let’s face it together and get you understanding it better. Let’s walk around it and through it and get you making a decision about it once and for all.

Yes, That’s It!

What is it that you felt lead to learn more about in recent weeks or months?

That thing that led you to seek stepping out… that had you wondering if you could or what could happen for you if you did, if you dared.

Why did you want it? What made you curious to know more or willing to even think about it and consider the possibility?

Not long ago, in thinking about it, you were feeling courageous, inquisitive and bubbly. Others could also feel your increase in energy and you felt your self-esteem singing louder.

And then it faded. Weeks passed and it was gone.

That light that was beginning to shine brighter dimmed back to where it had been.

Fear had crept in. Doubts for whatever reason took a stronghold.

Whatever it is that popped into your mind while reading this – that is it. That is the thing you are being called upon to face and rise above, to do differently or handle better.

What You REALLY Want

I want you to shine brightly. I want you to feel alive, curious and wanting to live life at a higher level!

I know you want this too!

You want to feel that courage and strength and inner resolve again!

You want to feel ALIVE and filled with excitement, passion and enthusiasm for your life.

Here is how you can look at this and find healing and allow growth in.

Think for a moment about it (your thing that stood out to you recently as being something you wondered “Maybe and I wonder what could happen if I did give it a try?”)

The Big ?

Why? Why did you want it?

Why were you seeking it out?

How would it have changed and improved YOU and YOUR LIFE?

What triggered your interest and desire for this change and growth?

Was it due to a necessity or an inner flame of desire?

If it was a necessity, has it resolved itself? I’m not talking like a Band-Aid resolution, but a long-term solution!

In wondering about it, what called you to it? What was it about it that spoke to you, to your spirit and soul?

What did you want out of it or still want out of it?

What did you want to have happen and get better for you?

Here is how to conquer that fear and doubt, for we can only ignore the reality of our life for so long before we are faced with these very same questions again.

Think of It Like This

What is going to happen for you if you don’t go for it?

What is going to happen if you keep ignoring and denying this calling from the universe for you to allow better to flow into your life?

Yes, this ‘thing’ feels risky. But the bigger risk is pretending it never existed.

Yes, it feels scary doing things you’ve never tried before and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Remember that post last month about everything we want is outside of our comfy bubble? It is.

Just Once

I’ll hold your hand through this. I’m not a hand holder but I’ll do it this time. It is so important for you to get this.

You want to have someone tell you the truth.

You’ve made it this far in life. You’ve handled so many things in life. Some not so well but you learned. You’ve handled quite a bit pretty well.

You are smart, talented and capable.

Your life is waiting for you to realize you are your OWN creator.

Your purpose is waiting for you to believe that you can, so you can begin fulfilling your destiny and share your talents with others.

You will never have anything more or better in life until you DARE to allow yourself to become more.


That is the biggest risk of all – living life small and scared. Never finding out just who you can be or what you can do or how wonderful of a life you can live because you found it in yourself to wonder but that’s all the courage you could muster.

Think about your WHY. Make a list. Jot down all the reasons why you wondered about it and what could be if you did. Pour yourself into your WHY list.

Think about what you want out of it? Picture your desired outcome in such detail that you are able to feel it. Feel that JOY and Excitement and Relief. Take that higher energy and decide to step forward once more in the direction of it.

This one was for you. From God, or the Universe, who/what you believe in. Reassuring you that you CAN. It is okay to believe you are worthy of what you want in life. That you will make it and be okay if you dare to go for it.

I’m just the messenger today.

Trust your intuition, pursue your calling, it will lead you to greater things than you can imagine.


Do you need more reassurance that you are worth it and can do it?

Try our Learning to Love Me series for improved self-esteem and confidence.

I want more courage and confidence!

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