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The Hunger – Part IV Feed It

The Hunger – Part IV Feed It


In the path to personal growth and success, you cross a thresh hold.

What you use to call difficult or impossible, you now balk at the fact you called it that.

Everything and anything is possible – when you decide to own it.

When you teach yourself how to give it your all – every time.

When you do this amazing things happen.

Old limits become the floorboards under your feet.

New challenges slowly get punched at.

Hit by hit they get broken down, tamed, and claimed.

Last year’s challenge is today’s warm up.

Your last PR – once unrealistic – just got demolished.

You set goals far beyond the limits you can conceive of  – and you smash them.

You seek out new quests & adventures – unlike anything you’ve tried before.

You smirk at training in unfavorable conditions.

What challenges you – gives you the chance to grow.

To rise up. Stronger, wiser, faster than your opponent.

The pain? The sacrifice?

Worth it.

The insatiable hunger?

You live to feed it.

You belong to a different breed.

One question remains.

When you enter the arena,

And stare down the competition –

Who will be the bigger Beast?


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