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How to Jump Start Your 2015 Goals

How to Jump Start Your 2015 Goals



I am a firm believer in letting the results of my decisions and actions speak for themselves. Even though I have a quiet and observing personality, what I decide to talk about and how I go about achieving my goals leads to my success.

An underlying rule for becoming successful, letting those results speak for themselves. The results will not lie. As difficult as it may be for some to take a clear and humbling look at the results, it must be done if you want to create any real change within you and your life.

Notice I mentioned creating change within you first, and then in the exterior aspects of life. This goes hand in hand in with the results you are after. You have change the way you think about yourself, and what you are capable of first. Then you can begin to alter the other aspects of your life.

To achieve a goal or dream, to be successful you need the following: Focus, Consistent Effort, Discipline and Drive.

Focus is just that, training your mind to stay honed in on what it is you are after. It also means not getting sidetracked in the meaningless drama of others or creating silly drama either. In this, it also means you keep your trap shut. Don’t blab your intentions to anyone and everywhere. Just stay focused and put in the work required and allow those results to do the talking.

Next is learning to apply consistent effort to what it is you’d like to achieve. You need to make the time to research your goal, what will be involved, the steps required, the people required to assist you, and a realistic time frame. Then you simply have to show up during preplanned time blocks in which you will use all your focus and energy to make progress on your goal. Without exception.

Goals and dreams are achieved by committing to each of the little steps of action that the goal or dream requires.

You want the results of your hard work and focus to last, so straight up honesty, anything or anyone that says their method is quick, is also not telling you that the results will likely disappear just as quickly. Real change involves real work, and it will take time. What took you ten or twenty years to mold into a thought pattern or behavior is not going to rewire itself and stay rewired in 3 days or 3 weeks or even 3 months. You can make great progress in that time, but it will still require much focus and discipline for a lengthy time to follow to ensure the results will be long term.

Showing up, giving that consistent effort is only half of developing discipline. Real discipline involves your decisions. It involves creating real values and principles in which to live by, and following through. It involves removing negativity (people, environments and the like) from your life, and seeking out positivity (people who are going after similar goals, have solid values, good personalities).  Discipline involves learning to see each decision through and committing to it. Raising that bar higher and doing your best each step of the way. No more skipping out of your goal work sessions, workouts, or leaving work early. Commit to completing what you set out for.

Last is Drive. Many people fail because they lack drive. They mistake exterior rewards for what drive really is. Money, promotions, cool prizes, appeasing others – these are all false exterior rewards.

Drive is about that internal fire of yours and learning how to continuously fuel it with positive thoughts and sincere desire to make the changes in your life. Whatever your goal or dream is, it will only bring you what you are after if you first want it for yourself. Drive is that thing that comes from inside, that doesn’t care what other people will think or say or do. It’s the burning fuel inside of you that pushes you forward when you want to give up. It’s the knowing inside that you are worth it, you are capable of what you are wanting to change in your life, and that you will make it happen.

As you prepare your new goals for the coming year, and make adjustments to your long term ones, remember to stay focused on the why behind what you are after. Is it to make you happy? To make you more Decisive? Empowered? Resilient? Or are your goals focused on what makes others happy? Real change will happen when you turn your focus on that within, on learning to value yourself more, in working towards goals that will bring you better health and more energy, in learning to require more out of yourself.

Decide who it is you would like to be. What kind of life would you like to be living? What steps can you take today, and in the coming year to make progress towards becoming that new you? Start today. Just an hour a day, five times a week, will bring you significant progress during 2015. If you can commit more time than that you will begin seeing the results even quicker!

Do you struggle with Committing to your goals? Learn more about setting Goals and Owning Your Power to make positive changes in your life.

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