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A Guide to Self-Love & Self-Care

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A Guide to Self-Love & Self-Care


This month it’s all about self-love and self-care, learning how to take better care of you and loving yourself more! I want you to think indulgence, acceptance and allowing yourself to rise into your highest self.

While self-love and self-care differ in meaning they go hand in hand, it takes both to create a strong sense of self and creating a lifestyle that is healthy, happy, peaceful and balanced.


I think of self-love as the ability to appreciate and enjoy yourself and your life right as it is here and now. It is believing in who you are, knowing you have real worth as a beautiful person and soul, trusting that you have a purpose in this life and that you can. You can love yourself just as you are here and now.

In fact, if you want to begin creating a life that is more enjoyable and fulfilling, you will have to learn how to accept and love yourself here today, just as you are.

Self-love doesn’t mean that you ignore your weaknesses, deny your flaws and justify the unhealthy aspects of who you are, it is quite the opposite. In learning how to love ourselves here and now is claiming ownership of our lives. It is recognizing that okay, you are here in this body, in these circumstances and recognizing that you can be okay here today, with things as they are. It’s about feeling peace within. Then it is also believing that you are totally capable of creating better, doing better and that you are worthy of it.

Loving ourselves accepts where we are now, recognizes how far we have come and maintains the belief that as time goes on, we will continue to grow, change and become the best version of ourselves that we dare to believe is possible.

 In essence,

               Self-Love = Forgiveness + Acceptance + Desire



Imagine waking up in the morning, slowly, peacefully and lingering in a big, cozy bed, free of kids, pets and the like. It’s just you, the early morning sunshine peeking through the blinds and you are cozy, content, relaxed and grinning because you can lay there as long as you want. Nobody needs you to get them dressed, fed or out the door. It’s just you snuggled up and saying, “Ahh, this is so nice.”

When you are ready to start the day, you venture into the bathroom where a glorious jacuzzi tub is waiting for you to sink into the bubbles and inhale the loveliest of scents from your favorite candles.

Just picturing this is helping you to relax and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Those little moments throughout the day in which you find yourself saying and thinking, “That sounds so nice!” These are the moments to pay attention to, for they are brief moments and ways for you to embrace better self-care.

If taking a twenty-minute nap sounds lovely, schedule one in. If sitting in a tub, locking that door so little feet can’t sneak it, sounds inviting – my goodness – Do It!

 Every person on this planet is responsible for themselves, for their spiritual inner peace, their sound minds and thinking, for their health and actions.

Perhaps no one ever told you or showed you to make time to care for you! It’s your number one responsibility to care for you. We cannot care for others unless we maintain care for ourselves, we cannot give and tend from an empty tank.

It is up to us to make time, create energy and plan ahead for taking great care of ourselves!

Just because we are women, mothers and wives, does not mean we should be last on the list for being tended to.

We teach others how to treat us by the example we set in treating ourselves. Our daughters and the women in our lives, we all look to each other to see how to care for ourselves and this perhaps is one of the biggest challenges we women face today.

I encourage you to take pride in being a woman who cares for herself well, for if we are partaking in wonderful self-care, the care we can extend outwards will also be wonderful.

Good, healthy self-care includes tending to your spiritual, mental, physical, social, financial, purpose filled needs and desires.

Our spirituality is the breath of life for all that we do and are, making time to regularly care for our souls is so important. This may be in attending church, doing meditation or simply enjoy quiet time in which to ponder and simply be still.

Our mentality is the strength in which we carry about our daily life, self-care of the mind participating in enlightening activities, pursuing new knowledge and skills, giving our minds challenges to rise above  and be creative – these build great empowerment habits.

The strength of our minds leads straight into the strength of our bodies – when we take care of both, our daily tasks become easier to maneuver. Our bodies are our engines, the better we are able to take care of them, the more we value good health and wellness, the more energy we will have to care for those we love.

Creating healthy relationships, building firm boundaries and surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up and are like minded in who we aim to become are surefire sources for self-love.

In believing in our worth, talents and pursuing things we are passionate about in life leads to careers and investments (hobbies and causes) that refuel our energy and raise our beliefs in what we know is possible. In this, we are also able to give to the world and those around us that which they seek themselves: Love, joy, peace, forgiveness, kindness, hope, desire, better health and living circumstances.

The greater care we learn to have for ourselves, the greater the impact we are able to have in our lifetime.

 To have a life that is filled with inner peace and joy, health and balance, a life that is filled with purpose and meaning, you must learn to love and care for the most important person in your life –  You!


Learning to Love Me series

During the month of February, I encourage you to follow along as we continue to learn more about how to love ourselves more and improve our self-care.

You can sign up to learn more about becoming Decisive, Empowered & Resilient in life by clicking that link.

I will also be holding a fun, heart-warming live class on Feb. 14th called Learning to Love Me where we will cover lots of topics related to self-love and self-care.


20 Ideas for Self-Care & Self-Love:

  1. Take a nap.
  2. Create a list of accomplishments
  3. Do something you love doing (that’s just for you)
  4. Indulge in a stop at a coffee shop, bakery or flower store. You can spend $5 on yourself.
  5. Enjoy some peace and quiet. (schedule it in if you must)
  6. Create a List of Blessings & Gratitude
  7. Call up an old friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  8. Get dressed up today just for you. When someone asks what’s the occasion just smile and wink.
  9. Go for a walk or workout.
  10. Hit the spa. Spa not in the budget, fancy up your bathroom and chill for an hour. Take a bath, do your nails, grab a pillow and nap in the tub sans water.
  11. Spend one day saying “Yes” to you.
  12. Make a list of uplifting affirmations
  13. Get a massage. Not in the budget, have your kids or spouse pamper you for an hour – let them give you a massage, paint your nails and do your wine. Indulge in a glass of wine.
  14. Create a vision board, revitalize your goals and take one step of action.
  15. Read, watch or listen to something insanely funny. (Laugh a lot)
  16. Turn on some music, sing and dance while you clean. (Even better find someone to clean while you sing and dance and not clean.)
  17. Create a space that is just for you in your house (a room, corner, shelf, something that is yours) and decorate it as you desire. Who cares if it doesn’t match the style of the room.
  18. Do a 30-Day Stress detox.
  19. Get outdoors. Go someplace peaceful and enjoy mother nature.
  20. Write a letter to yourself providing love, encouragement and resolve, then put it away someplace safe and write down in your planner on your birthday to read your love letter to yourself.


*Share this with your loved ones who could use a little help with self-love & care!


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