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Gratitude, Blessings & Affirmations


Gratitude, Blessings & Affirmations

A wonderful tool for building a mindset for success is to create a Blessings list or journal. A Blessings journal correlates with the equally motivating tool I shared recently titled A List of Accomplishments.

Both of these provide simple reminders of how blessed we truly are, especially in times in which we are facing challenges and are in the midst of putting in the effort but not yet seeing results phase of going after our goals.

One of the things I do daily, which sets my mental and emotional approach for a successful day, is read for about 30 minutes early in the morning while enjoying my coffee.

[You can read this post here for more on creating a peaceful morning that makes for a productive day.]

Creating a Blessings Journal

I know people who use various types of notebooks and journals for their affirmations. Some just use their laptop and save their daily journaling someplace safe.

I encourage you to put a date on the front of the journal, that way you can return to this season in your life at some point in the future when you may be experiencing similar circumstances. Returning to the methods we’ve used successfully in the past is another great way to maintain focus and arrive at solutions.

What Goes in a Blessings Journal?

Anything you want – as long as it is positive and is a statement that lifts you up and keeps you steadfast in clarity, good decision making and making progress on your goals.

You can simply list what you are grateful for today, or things that are real blessings in your life. You may decide to jot down some inspirational quotes or a few passages from a book you are reading.

*If you don’t have this habit yet, begin today. Read 20 minutes a day from a book that is motivational or educational. Our life expands to the level in which our consciousness (mentality) expands.

Do I have to do this every day? Or in the morning?

Nope. The key is that you create a block of time in your day to reflect, to think good, strong, healthy thoughts that will keep your head on straight and your soul at peace. Even one or two sessions a week will create a shift in your energy and approach to the day.

Some people only do a ‘quiet’ hour a few times a week. Some find that mid-afternoon or late evening works best for them. Find a time that you can be consistent with.

If you have a certain day of the week or hour of the day that is usually highly stressful or where you are just wore out – try to have a ‘quiet’ moment before then, to rejuvenate yourself and help you reduce the anxiety you feel. Seriously, this does wonders for productivity!

How I Do My ‘Quiet’ Time

I usually do my time block of journaling in the early morning. My kids get up early and I’ve learned to utilize 10-15 minute blocks of time between getting the house up and running for the day. During this time I read a chapter from a really powerful book, say a little affirmation prayer (a select handful of affirmations that I’ve accumulated over the years), jot down anything positive and confirming strength, energy, focus and success into my journal (just a notebook).

After getting the kids to school, my brain power is ready to get to work and the creative juices are going. (I work from home most days as an author and small business owner.)

What Do I Read?

Some of my favorite go to books that I have read over and over again because they are just that awesome:

Wayne Dyer, Robert Greene, David Hawkins, James Allen, Neville Goddard, Charles Fillmore

I tried to toss in some authors that are not as common but are amazing resources for motivation. I also have the classics – Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, Og Mandino and Napoleon Hill.

One thing I do is I’m always looking for new authors to read – by that I mean solid authors whose works just aren’t hot right now. Older authors whose work has stood the test of time and lesser known works.

When we open our minds up to new authors and means for personal growth and motivation we will find ourselves coming across great treasure troves of useful life wisdom. Plus, that open mindset is an integral key to success.

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