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Good Things Come to Me Daily

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Good Things Come to Me Daily


This is one of the quickest and BEST ways to turn your day and week around! It’s learning about and the practicing this mantra below until it becomes your Natural Expectation for how life works for you.

It does wonders and if you are doubting me, I dare you to try it for 14 days. Journal about your experience with it and watch with wonder how much easier life becomes and how much your joy and enthusiasm increases.

The Magic Mantra

Simply repeat this mantra a few times every day until it become a habit and your natural outlook on life. It’s a mantra that moves mountains when the going is rough.

Good Things Come to Me Daily!

Pause for a few minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. Think about quieting your mind. Allow all the chaos and negativity to be put on hold even if just for these few minutes. Think about relaxing, allowing good to flow into your day and life. Visualize your shoulders relaxing and stress dissolving away.

Write that down on a post it and then place it somewhere so you will see it often throughout the day. You could even change your phone screensaver to say it as a friendly reminder. Say it out loud to yourself. Whisper it often.

What We Focus On…

We become. I know. It can feel and be very hard some days to stop the negativity train and stressors from pouring through your head. But what we focus on is what we become and experience. That is why it is so important to every day make time for peace and quiet. I cover this in my It’s Time to Achieve Your Goals class.

Inside this daily moment for quiet, we practice letting go of that which is holding us down. We change our thoughts and focus from our troubles to the good we have going on in our life. We focus on how we WANT our day and week to go and the outcomes we’d like to receive and experience. We shift our focus in our mindsets to good!


Feel the Shift, Feel the Excitement

Creating real changes in our life and how we experience it has to happen at multiple levels. Just improving our mental focus is not enough to make the real shift happen for us.

You can read more on creating the real shift for change by clicking through that link there.

What do I mean by feel the shift? Once you’ve got your mindset cleared up, you’ve got to work on the emotional and physical levels next.  A few minutes ago, I had you practice visualizing your body relaxing and stress melting away. Creating a shift is really just changing your energy state so that you literally feel good emotionally and physically.

That’s why we feel a ‘high’ after a great workout – exercise raises our energy to a higher level. Thus, we feel more awake, confident and strong.

In our daily peace and quiet time, we rest our body. We can lie down, put our feet up, close our eyes, listen to peaceful music, find a quiet space and the like. This allows our body’s energy to a state that is healthy and balanced.

Emotionally, we can feel this shift too! Feel the excitement and joy filled expectation that something good and wonderful is going to happen and arrive for you today! Forget about what the appearances look like and how your day has been going so far. Once you create a positive expectancy and emotionally feel excited for what is coming – you begin to draw in good energy around you.

Allow yourself to FEEL GOOD regardless of how your day is going and how others around you are feeling and experiencing life. You can DECIDE to feel GOOD anytime, anywhere and ….

You DON’T need anyone else’s permission to feel good and receive good in life.


Look for the Good

Remember what we focus on is what we experience and see. Start looking for the GOOD going on in your day.

Watch the good going on in other’s lives and celebrate and rejoice for them! Again, feeling excitement creates a shift in your energy and will allow good things to start arriving for you to personally get excited about.

Creating a list of accomplishments and creating a gratitude and blessings journal are wonderful ways to start noticing all the good going on in your life.

You can even do a daily 5 or 10. In the morning right down a few things you are thankful for and excited about. At night, finish out your list of the extra good that you experienced that day.


Good Snowballs

If we want to experience really BIG and WONDERFUL things in our life, we have to first be able to allow in smaller doses of good and joy. As recognizing and expecting good things on a small scale become second nature, you’ll be ready and able to allow in medium sized snowballs of good.

Good arrives in snowballs as our focus and energy shifts to higher levels of energy. It takes practice so don’t feel discouraged if you go a few days without feeling or seeing ‘good things’ happening and arriving for you. Just keep at it.

I encourage you to try the “Good things come to me daily.” Mantra for 2 weeks and then for a month. You will quickly see ‘good’ happening more frequently for you and then in increasing portions. Pretty soon you will be expecting and experiencing incredibly wonderful things happening and arriving for you frequently!


More Awesome Mantras

You might also enjoy these affirmations as they create the same effect within us and in our daily experiences.

Happy surprises come to me each day!

Things and events are lightening up for me!

Everything I want in my life flows in easily and effortlessly!


It’s all about allowing ourselves to grow and rise to our higher self. You have to create the changes you desire in your life within first, then you will begin to see the improvements arriving in your experiences. What we EXPECT is exactly what we receive.


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