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Flexing Season

Flexing Season

The Increasing Challenges of Being a Fit Mom

Part IV – Flexing Season

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In Part I the first challenge of being a fit mom was all about gyms and how hard it is to find ones that have childcare, with realistic childcare hours for busy moms & also having high intensity classes held during those childcare hours.

In Part II Finding the Right challenge, I talked about how as fit moms, we struggle with finding fitness classes that are truly challenging. We are already fit. And the challenge to finding new obstacles to tackle and adventures to seek are real!

In the last segment, Part III Setting the Example, our challenge lies in overcoming common misperceptions on what it is to be fit and healthy, and the double standards we face.

Today’s topic I’ve titled Flexing Season.

It is that dreaded season when you set aside the FIT for just Mom. When your spouse is working lots of overtime (or if you’re a single parent you are the one working overtime). When each kid has two activities to be chauffeured to and cheered on. When it is everyone in your family’s birthday along with all your children’s friend’s birthdays, plus a few holidays, and a few rounds of the latest cold bug calling your house home.

It’s the season in which Fit Mom flexes those strong muscles of hers and peacefully recognizes this is not the month or season in which to be forcing extra workouts in. It’s not the time to be power focused on Mom. It’s the time when extra Mom TLC is required.

Extra Mom TLC – when Mommy must do extra prep work to keep the house and family a well-functioning, smooth running machine. Often it is described by said Mom as absolute chaos only survivable by extra amounts (bucket fulls?) of caffeine and chocolate. To everyone else life is good – just a bit busy.

So what is the best way for Fit Moms to stay relaxed and keep a little sanity otherwise replenished by all those workouts? The answer is easy. Flex!

Flexibility is the answer.

Realizing this is just a temporary season and it will soon pass. Being grateful for the fact that said family is healthy and thriving and growing. Being thankful said kids can be involved in activities. Feeling relieved and confident that you’ve got this, that you are totally capable of surviving it.

Fit Mom can relax mentally for once in her own fitness goals and enjoy a little maintenance mode instead of continuously raising the bar. We can reflect on the progress we have made and focus on the direction we’d like to go in once Flexing Season has passed.

Non Fit Moms don’t realize they miss out on this extra strength, ability and confidence that Fit Moms have.

There is also a bonus to being Fit Mom. When we normally have a solid and high fitness level, not only does the reduction in the amount of fitness allow the body to heal and replenish, but we tend to not lose much in terms of that fitness level.

It is much easier for Fit Mom to keep that fitness level relatively high during Flex Season (maintenance mode). And once Flex Season has passed, resuming the normal fitness routine comes back quickly.

The extra snacks and meals eaten quickly and without as much planning – don’t really add much weight back on, if any.

Flexing season is a great way for Fit Mom to be challenged in staying focused on real priorities, in letting go (temporarily) of personal goals, and in keeping the long term vision and plan in mind.

If you are new to being a Fit Mom facing your first Flex Season – don’t panic! Aim to schedule a couple workouts in every week. Allow yourself to slow down and workout at an easier pace. If you are feeling antsy – feel free to step it up a few notches – for your body will have extra time to recover before your next workout. Be willing to let go of that workout routine and be disciplined enough to snatch a quick run in at a moments notice.

And most of all, simply remember how blessed you are to have a sound mind and capable body!

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