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Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

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Welcome to Five Things Friday!

A little humor mixed with a splash of success.

Um, so I’m starting this post on Tuesday, because Yep, I’ve already blundered this week and totally trying to not cry over it and sending out prayers for a miracle. May you learn these lessons without feeling the pain.

1. Never start a new thing (that is dependent on others) during the week of a holiday. Doing so throws everything off and the results are unreliable. See my Week One lessons learned and results from applying Holly Homer’s Facebook page tutorial.

2. Schedule in weekly copy and save sessions. Do it. I’ve been working on a book here and there, and writing portions of it when the ideas hit me strong. It really had some great stuff in it. And this week I went to add another fabulous concept to it and it is missing from my thumb drive. Like totally gone. Can’t find it or pull up old copies on my laptop or anything. It’s just gone. Yes, it’s stabbing me painfully. Always make backups of your best and most important work, ALWAYS! #totally ordered new thumb drive to copy my everything to a backup. #please lost file reappear! #really hope that one wasn’t my NY Times Bestseller!

3. I have a silly blog post (not published yet) titled Little Pink Notebook. Yep, its a filler one that I haven’t had to use yet. But it’s sole purpose is this: Have paper to write your ideas and thoughts down and take it with you everywhere! For instance, my work time today got derailed trying to search for that missing file and the handful of great ideas that came to mind while getting kids up and off to school got written down so I can refer and remember them later when I do get time to make something of them.

4. The best ideas as a writer come to you when you A) don’t have time to sit down and get them out of your head B) don’t have pen or paper or anything remotely nearby to write those ideas down C) are in the midst of juggling laundry, dinner, homework for one kid and trying to tame the other one in the middle of meltdown. (Pretty sure these ideas involve fruity drinks, sunny beaches, and peace and quiet.) So if you deal with writer’s block just have kids (or more of them). I’m 10 years into the writing gig and yet to experience writer’s block. (yes you can hate me – I’m still wondering why I’m not a on a sunny beach with a  fruity drink).

5. The ideal time, the right time/moment – it never arrives. If you want to achieve your goals and become successful you’ve got to make the most out of every hour every day, despite the chaos of your life. You’ve got to get focused, you’ve got to build discipline, you’ve got to reprioritize your day to day activities. And if you’re a parent, you’ve got to become a crafty fox and figure out how to carve out a little work time for yourself

(SpongeBob seriously works wonders. And yes, I despise SpongeBob, until about five minutes after I’ve set out legos, playdough, farm toys, doll houses and nothing will unglue the kids from my legs. After those five minutes all parenting values are out the window for one hour.)

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  1. Reply Laura

    I LOVE #5!!! How often do we fall in the trap of “tomorrow, next week, next month…” Why not now? This is something I will make sure to keep in mind this week when life starts getting crazy! 🙂

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