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Realities of Being Fit

Realities of Being Fit


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I hear it all the time, “Look at you, you’re so skinny.” “Of course you can eat whatever you want.” “If I had the time I’d work out that much too.”

I won’t get into fit shaming that is just as common as fat shaming.

But I will explain some about the reality of what it is to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

No, I am not skinny. I am however quite strong, have good endurance, my speed is improving and I’ve got a nice little jab when I’m all riled up.

No, I can’t eat whatever I want.  The truth is if I ate what I really wanted it’d be a lot healthier that what my diet actually is. I’m a busy mom, a WAHM, working towards building two new careers while working outside the home too, and taking care of my family. Somewhere in all of that I workout too. I spend about an hour a week coming up with a meal plan that meets my need for quick and simple, is packed with protein for my triathlete hubs and satisfies my picky kids who like/dislike the opposite foods. Lately, I am so focused and productive I actually don’t eat breakfast.

Now mind you I make fairly healthy meals (packed with carbs and protein and always have fruit and veggie for sides), but I DO NOT get anal about calories, healthy fat vs regular fats, we don’t do vegan and all natural. We work hard, workout hard, play hard and we seriously eat.

I have had seasons where I tried cleaning up the diet a little and counting calories and such but I suffered. I was always hungry (ok I am always hungry anyway) and I couldn’t workout as long or as hard because I wasn’t eating enough. To move and utilize your body’s potential you have to eat.

When you eat enough and workout hard enough you will lose the fat and build muscle.

Most people just don’t realize how little they move. Or the size of the portions they do eat.

I graze. I eat a little a lot all day long.

I don’t make excuses about working out. I’ve had peak seasons where I work out 10 times a week between running, cross training and martial arts classes. I have seasons where I don’t sleep because my kids who already don’t sleep keep coming home with germs from school and sharing them, and I decide forcing myself to take a nap is better than overdoing it and working out with an exhausted body. I have times (like this season) where my focus has shifted some and I am putting in extra hours working on other goals – but I still work out – just not 10 times a week.

When I work out, I balance it all out between easy and lazy runs where I unwind from stress and enjoy my music and make a two mile run last as long as possible to enjoy ‘me’ time. Most of my workouts, especially when I know they are more spread out, I go all out. Some of my workouts require a commute and dragging a kid along who whines the whole time but I do it anyways. And when I show up there, I work so hard I’m crawling back out the doors to make sure I made the most of the drive and effort.

When I’m tired and have a lot to be done and I don’t want to work out, I do it anyways. I value my role as Mother, I value the example I set for my kids that our bodies are our #1 responsibility to take care of in life. Before our jobs, before our bills, before taking care of our loved ones, our own bodies are our responsibility and no one else’s. To take care of others well, we must first be well.

It requires believing that I in my own right, am worthy of being fit and healthy. It requires knowing that my purpose as a Mom is to live as long as I can to be there to support and guide my children – that I am their example of how to take care of their bodies and live in a healthy way so that they can go out in the day and their life and do what it is they want to do.

The realities of being fit and healthy:

I’ve earned this body.

I’ve earned my strength.

I’ve earned the rewards of discipline.

I’ve earned the resilience I’ve built in my life.

It isn’t easy. Being fit and healthy requires making good decisions. It requires building up mental, physical, emotional, spiritual strength, discipline and focus. It requires work. Hard work. Consistently.

It requires raising the bar in every aspect every so often to require more out of my mind and body.

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