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On Creating Change and Allowing in What You Desire


On Creating Change and Allowing in What You Desire

Earlier this summer I talked with my clients and subscribers about letting go of our grip on the life we’ve been living in order to ALLOW IN what we WANT to be experiencing.

It’s important to understand that so long as we are holding tightly to something or someone and resisting change, NOTHING will change. We have to let go in order to grow. We have to release our insistence that things must go and be done a specific way (your way). We have to learn how to relax and go with the flow and live in the moment so that the channels for what we DO want are open, free and allowing our desires to simply flow in for us to enjoy and experience.

Today I want to share with you some tips for relaxing, letting go and allowing our desires in.

Tip #1

Get it out. Journal or chat with a bestie (who has a positive approach to life) or a mentor. But get it out. All that negative, pent up, frustrated, worried, fear filled energy has to be released! Harboring it is like turning yourself into a flammable combustible bottle that the stronger and tougher and more enduring you say you are (repeating that same old pitiful story of “my life is awful”), the less it actually helps.

If you are sick often, guess what – it’s not because of some virus or disease – it’s because your inner self is at Dis-Ease. If you allow yourself to release negative energy in positive ways, it allows your ‘self’ the ability to reset itself to natural healthy energy states.

To change the story, we tell about ourselves and our life, we have to let our old present story out, that is we have to get it out, release it and stop telling that same story. Journaling and talking it out with a mentor can help you recognize the kind of energy you’ve been focusing on and putting out into the world and the story you’ve been telling everyone about your life.

Tip #2

Exercise and get outdoors. The weather, your location, your present health status plays ZERO role here, no excuses. Exercise allows your body the chance to physically burn off, expel and remove negative energy, built up energies from your body in healthy ways.

Mother Nature, even on her worst days, is always balanced and naturally resetting and healing itself. How we interpret her events has no effect on her ability to always balance herself out. When you get outside and even just sit in fresh air, it allows your body to take in that balanced natural energy and boosts your body’s ability to reset itself back to more peaceful, energizing, creative states.  

It is imperative that to be and feel good and healthy, we give our body the opportunity to expend pent up energy through action.

Tip #3

Create what you DO want to be experiencing in your life. Even if it’s so far from anything you’ve ever experienced. GET VERY CLEAR about what you do want and start allowing yourself to think about it, imagine it, feel it and believing it can be possible for you. This is planting the seeds in your life story for what you want to harvest and experience down the road.

You HAVE to START telling the story of who you want be and the life you want to be living. This is why you have to forget about what everyone else thinks and wants for you. They are not you and don’t have a clue as to what your soul wants to experience in this life time and what is possible for you. It’s nice to have friends and a support system, but we have to make sure the people in our daily life and who we are giving our focus and energy to, are people who support who we WANT to be, not who we’ve been.

Again, to create positive changes we have to start clarifying what we want to be and do in our life and tell THAT story. (Stop telling the story of how it has been unless you LOVE the life you’ve been living.) We have to find and create friendships and support systems that will help us grow into that person we desire to be. (Yes, this means we may need to let some people currently in our life filter right on out. It is okay to love from a distance!)

Write down and journal the story of what you’d like to be, do and experience in your life. Then pick 1-2 of those items and get really specific, write it out. What do you want your story to be?

It’s also a great idea to start a support team list. Jot down everyone in your life who is truly supportive of you. Make a list of mentors you have and people you’d like to add as mentors.

Tip #4

Realize this life altering truth, NOTHING CHANGES UNTIL WE CHANGE FIRST.

All these changes first start within, in your mind, in your beliefs and convictions (the framework for which you are approaching life), in your thoughts and decisions.

Focus on 1 thing that is small that you can start working on changing NOW, TODAY, THIS WEEK. and work on that. When you’ve got that 1 thing changed for the better, then move on to the next thing you want to be better.

Not sure where to start. Make a list of all the things in your life and about yourself that do not serve you well, that are not going as you’d like them to be. Anything you’d like to change, put in on the list. Pick the first thing that jumps out at you as THIS MUST CHANGE. Start there, with that one.

Tip #5

EDIT YOUR DAY. By this I mean edit the energy of your day. Everything in it.

Where and how you sleep.

What and how you eat, drink and exert energy.

What you do for a living (to pay the bills).

The Energy you allow in (the tv you watch, the music you hear, the people you ARE AROUND often). Yes, you can edit the people in your life. Pretty easily too. Yes, you can.

I want you to think about this for a moment. Kind of a BIG AHAH moment here:

THE GOALS YOU SET are OFTEN and almost ALWAYS centered around changing the kinds of energy you experience during the day.

TRULY! I know. How is that for a new way to look at your goals.

ITs not about losing 30lbs, it’s about improving the kinds and ways you bring energy into your being and the kinds and ways you let the used up (waste/excess) energy out.

It’s not about finding love. It’s about you learning and understanding what real love and wholly loving yourself is all about. (Through self-care, pursuing self-learning and passion interests, following your purpose, creating health boundaries with yourself then others etc.). Once you develop healthy good love and big doses of it for yourself, you’ll be able to give to the RIGHT people and you’ll allow in the RIGHT people to receive love from. It is all energy.



Take these tips and think them over. Print THIS out and look over it every week until you’ve begun to naturally think about these things.

Implementing these TIPS will CHANGE your life in wonderful ways!

Understand the goals you set are not just physical outcomes, but the changing of the energy states within you and in your daily experiences.

Creating change and reaching goals is all about learning what to let go of in your life, and what you want and need to be adding. It is realizing the changes and improvements you desire must occur within first, and as these shifts take place, improvements in your experiences and circumstances will also improve.


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