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Here’s an inside look at my book!

Excerpt from The Decision


To become successful, you must learn how to commit.

The truth is, the odds are against you. You will have insurmountable odds thrown at you faster that a pitcher can hurl them your way. If you develop your personality and character to the level success requires, you not only learn the skills necessary to keep out of your own way, but to also assist you in dodging everything that life can come up with to make you stumble.

You can rise above anyone and anything in life, at any time, so long as you stand with pure intentions, humbleness, honesty and resilience. These four traits occur from years of trial, personal growth and developing discipline, combined with a deep rebuilding of one’s character.

To truly arrive, you will have to develop a commitment to your character and to your mission that is yours and yours alone. This commitment must come from that inner place inside of you where your spirit lives, that place where the fire inside of you resides. It must be yours. That discipline, that self-reliance, that pureness of who you are and seek to become and of what you aim to achieve, is yours.

No person, thing, condition or event may ever touch your commitment. Nothing outside of yourself can be allowed to look at or question or deny who it is you are and who you are becoming and what it is you aim to do with your life.

This goal, this dream, will only find fruition if you can commit to making it happen.

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