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Can You Celebrate You?

celebrating you

Can You Celebrate You?

Can you Toot Your Own Horn?

Ah yes! Do you have it in you? Can you toot your own horn when you fully deserve it? Do you have the courage and confidence to bust out with pride and joy and say “This is me! I did this! I really did it! I’m so proud. I really did it.”

Do you allow yourself to really feel that joy and pride and allow yourself the ability to truly celebrate?

Now I know we all know women who excel at this just a little much. This post isn’t for them. It’s for you.

Are You Afraid of Tootin That Horn?

So many women struggle with finding enough confidence just to begin going after their goals. Then when they do achieve their goal, they slip back into their small, insecure self and never really experience and feel the GLORY they deserve.

How many times have you stepped back and shrunk down because:

  • You were afraid people would laugh.
  • You were afraid of what people might say.
  • You thought people would roll their eyes.
  • You wondered if anyone would care.
  • You figured nobody cares.
  • You weren’t sure you really deserved your achievement.
  • You don’t feel you or your achievement are worth celebrating.
  • You don’t have anyone to celebrate with.


Come on now. I’m going to cut right through your denials. EVERY woman has thought or felt one of those things at some point. Many women think and feel those things all the time. Thus, they never really understand what CELEBRATING YOU can do for you.

Tooting Your Horn…

There is nothing wrong with TOOTING YOUR OWN HORN when you put in the effort, worked hard, showed up consistently, overcame challenges, truly improved and achieved your goal.

You have every right to feel SO GOOD about what you just achieved.

You have every right to FEEL PROUD in how far you have come and in the ways, you have grown.

Let me make this very clear.


You achieved your feat!

All while:

  • People rolled their eyes at you, laughed at you, talked about you, said things about you.
  • Some people cared and others didn’t. Some supported you and others didn’t.
  • You overcame the uncertainties, doubts, fears, insecurities and internal battles that stood between you and your desire.


It was never about anyone else in the first place!  

Even if your goal did focus on helping others. It was about you, and a dream you had, a curiosity about what might be possible and believing that it could become reality for you.

So, celebrating your achievement – it’s not about them. It’s about you. And you deserve it! You deserve to celebrate who you are, who you’ve become and what you’ve just accomplished. You really do.


Celebrating Your Achievement

Just Do It!

It feels SO good! It really does.

And we as women do not do this nearly enough for ourselves.

Guess what happens when we allow ourselves to celebrate our victories?

Our self-worth improves. Our self-love increases. Our self-care takes a higher place in our priorities.

When that trio rises… EVERYTHING else in our life begins to improve!

This is a promise I can guarantee. I teach this in our Learning to Love Me program and workshops.

Celebrating Ourselves and Learning that it is okay to Toot Our Horn when we really deserve it is like the glue that keeps the trifecta together (self-worth, love and care).

It is about believing that you are worthy of doing great things, feeling great about yourself in the process of going after great things and allowing yourself to LOVE yourself for doing great things.

Living Life Big!

If you want to achieve BIG goals and dreams, you need to learn what BIGGER feels like and you get glimpses of that higher, bigger more amazing energy à when you allow yourself to CELEBRATE YOU.

See your little goals are like stepping stones or the rungs on the ladder to your BIG dreams. Every time you reach a goal, you’ve climbed up a little higher to the next level. Your “moment” of achievement is that first 24 to 48-hour window after just reaching your goal and this is when you first feel what that energy is like on the next level up.

Most people, especially when they are learning how to go after a goal and how to achieve it, require time in between going after goals to recover, process and gain clarity on what’s next. (This time frame dissolves as you go after more goals.)

So, allowing yourself to experience that high and learning how to CELEBRATE is an important experience for you to have.

It gives you a total natural high and adds fuel to your fire within so you will dare to dream bigger!

Learning to celebrate you enables you to learn just how much is possible for you experience in life.

When you celebrate, and enjoy the glory for a bit, you begin to not just say it but internally realize, “I can do this. And I can do so much more!”

We are meant to outgrow our old, small selves. We are meant to evolve and live life BIG!


Ideas for Celebrating You

I recommend setting your celebration up right there at the beginning, when you are just planning out what your goal will require of you. This will give you extra motivation to keep going after it.

Here are a few ideas that you could do to CELEBRATE YOU reaching your goals.

  • -Spa Day
  • -Dinner out with family or friends
  • -Visit a winery
  • -Do a “ME” weekend – get away from life and go do something fun for you
  • – Shopping Spree
  • -Ladies Night Out
  • -Go see your fav. Concert

*When you celebrate, CELEBRATE! Especially if this was a big goal that required real diligence and patience and time to achieve.

**Save $10 a week right when you begin working towards your goal, that way you’ll have $$ to have fun with once you achieve it.


How do you CELEBRATE YOU? Add your ways of celebrating you in the comments.



Do you struggle with this idea that you are worthy of celebrating?

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