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How Can I Become More Decisive?

How Can I Become More Decisive?

How can I learn to become more decisive and make better decisions? This is a really common question. First, let’s cover what being Decisive actually means?

Decisiveness Is:

Being Responsible For Everything You Are and For Everything In Your Life. EVERYTHING!

It’s ownership! Over yourself and your life.

It’s putting on your crown and telling life to happen as you’d like it to.

In actuality, it is learning how to regain power over yourself – your thoughts, your emotions, your decisions, your actions and all the results that occur.

How much power do you feel like you have in your life? Who makes most of the decisions about your day? Why are you letting other people and things tell you how to live your life?


It is not their duty nor their right to tell you who you can be or how you are to live!

None, nada, not one tiny little bit.

All of it is on you.

Successful people are those who ‘awakened’ one day and realized they didn’t have to be robots or succumb under others. They gained clarity that they are the ones in charge of themselves and how they experience this life they have. And they started taking back their power one decision at a time. With their mentality, with their health, with their relationships, finances and careers.

I recently gave the following challenges to my subscribers and I want to share it with you. It can be life changing.

Go grab a piece of paper.

Write down 5 things that must go in your life. Don’t think too much about it, just jot down the first 5 things that must change in your life and the sooner the better.

Now flip your paper over – write down 3 things you would really like to add to your life/self in the next 12 months.

Below this in big letters – USE CAPS if you’d like, answer this next question:

What is the one thing that if I changed/removed/add to my life – it would dramatically enhance my well-being and the way I experience this life I am living?

(You might remember a very similar question I asked you before – in terms of achieving a big goal.)

Now tuck this paper somewhere safe. I just want you to think about the things you wrote down in the last few minutes during the next few days. Just let it sit in the front of your mind and allow your mind to think about possibilities, solutions and how YOU would be different if you managed to remove those first 5 things from your life, AND added the 3 things you listed AND pulled off that one big thing too.

To create change in ourselves and our lives we must allow ourselves to become exposed to new approaches to how we live our lives.

Go back now, to that one big life altering change/goal.


Because you’ve given away your personal power and allowed others to take over making decisions about you and for you, that’s why.

That is kind of a sinking feeling. It doesn’t feel very good to realize you maybe have a lot of room for growth in the decisiveness department.

Here’s the thing. Now you know. Now you are aware to the fact that this can improve and it can change and you can indeed regain that power back.

Change happens in life because of two reasons:

  1. We realize we can be and do better and so we decide to pursue better.

2. We fail to learn life’s lessons and continue to allow life to happen to us and at some point life itself will give us a wake-up call to help us have that dawning moment.

You’ve just experienced #1. You are reading this because you want to learn, grow and change. You want to become a better person and you want life to get better, and be more enjoyable. So you started seeking out opportunities and resources to help you do that.

Changes are able to happen when we become aware of who we really are, how we are actually going about life and we begin to realize we are worthy of a much better approach and life experience.

For the next few days I want you to just work on becoming more aware – of yourself and your surroundings. Don’t place emotions on these observations, just take notes. Pay attention to the times, people and activities in which you let others make decisions. Notice the kind of energy in these moments – is it a good feeling or a negative one?

Sometimes letting others make decisions is just fine – when it creates good energy in and for us.

Other times it isn’t a good thing – when it leaves you shirking back, frowning, questioning and just gives you a sour taste. These are things I want you to pay attention to! These are the areas in your daily life we want to improve and begin being more decisive in.

So, your homework is to put a little focus and awareness in to when and where you are decisive and to when and where you are not.

This was a big one I know – but it’s an important step for creating long term positive changes.

Every once in a while it is good to clean up and clean out and allow fresh air in.

Learning to make good decisions involves insight and gaining wisdom into life itself and who you are as a person. The good, the not so great and everything in between. It requires an honest assessment of you and the life you are leading.

We discussed these ideas of letting go so you can grow and how it applies to the people in your life.

I want to go more into this and follow up with another little challenge.

The first thing to start cleaning is your mindset followed by the other aspects of your life.

If you want to gain wisdom, you must seek out new knowledge, experiences and opportunities. You have to (at least for a set time each day/week) remove yourself from the people currently in your life, and expose and surround yourself by people who are wiser.

If you want to improve your health, you must seek out those who are fit and healthy and follow their guidance. You must let go of the need to hang out with those who are also unhealthy, overweight, unfit because it makes you momentarily feel better.

If you want to improve your career, you must seek out opportunities to meet people who are doing what you want to do at the level you’d like to reach. This means overcoming fears, insecurities, doubts and spending less time with those who are not as focused on improving their careers.

If you want to improve your finances, you must seek out people who have their heads on straight, their life in order and their money working well for them. You will have to ask for guidance and mentorship so you can learn and improve your financial state. This means changing your mindset from poverty to abundance, learning about money and abundance, and reducing the amount of time you spend with those who will not or cannot handle money well.

If you want your relationships to be meaningful, healthy and strong, you must develop the ability to communicate well, set boundaries, and value your worth as a person. This requires letting some people in your life stay behind as you evolve and welcoming in new people who are part of your journey. It involves understanding that we are not meant to take people with us the whole length of our journey.

Mindset is everything. Everything in your life has originated from your thoughts and decisions even if you are unable to trace back the connections.

What we decide to allow in our lives and exclude from our lives directly correlates with the results we will experience in our life.

What you surround yourself with and allow in is what you will become and so long as you cling to that which is currently in your life (and who you currently are) your life will never change or improve.


Whew, this was a big life enhancing article!

I have a lot more to share with you, if you’d like you can receive insight into building decisiveness

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