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Building Focus & Direction in Your Life

Building Focus & Direction in Your Life

Today I’m going to talk about the foundation block for everything you do.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve likely heard me talk about this before. Do you recall what the underlying foundation is for the 24 hours in your day?

How often do you spend most of your days feeling like you are spinning in circles, not getting anywhere or maybe you tend to take two steps back for every step forward?

Most people do not achieve success in life, whether it is personally or professionally because they lack the key ingredient for success.

That key ingredient = Purpose!

We’ve got to know what our purpose is! We must have some sense of meaning behind what it is we are doing with ourselves, our time and our work along with direction.

We can go a step further and think about who we are serving and what are we doing/providing for them?

I like to think of purpose in combination with the word Impact. We know what we are doing, the why behind it, the direction it is leading us in, who it is helping and what our intended impact will be.

So now the question to ask is, “Is the work I am currently doing in line with my purpose or am I off track?”

A lot of these questions I am asking you today do not have a quick answer. They will require some quality reflection time.

How many of you have and know the purpose behind your life and your work?

Where is it leading you?

This goes right back to that purpose but now it is on a bigger scale in terms of time and impact.

Where is what you are doing right now – going to lead you to in five years from now and ten?

Successful people think in terms of 3-5 years, highly successful people think in terms of decades.

Whether you are just getting started, have been doing this for year or two or maybe a few years – you need to develop this clarity!

It is time to start thinking about the bigger picture and long term. Your purpose right now might be a stepping stone in your bigger ten-year purpose and vision for your work.

Now this is a fun one.

How much time are you putting into your purpose?

How many hours each day, week, and month are you decisively investing into your purpose and vision? Be honest.

This question really helps you see if what you are doing currently is moving you in the right direction.

How much time would you like to be investing in your work and purpose?

Personally, I would do my work for 15 hours a day 6 days a week. That isn’t realistic. I’m a mom, I have a house to run and in truth – after a few years of tweaking, I have found I am able to consistently invest 20-25 hours a week into my work. And those 25 hours during the school year might come in 4-6 hour blocks or in the summer in as many 15-30 minute chunks of time I can make, find, create and steal. I know on average – that I will get 20-25 hours each week for my work so I set and adjust all my work goals accordingly.

What do your goals require of you?

How much time will they take to achieve?

What kind of learning will be involved?

What skills, knowledge, resources, experience will you need to gain?

What is really involved with this goal you have set for your work?

Now you can ask these questions and take everything we are talking about here today and apply it to other areas of your life too!

In my It’s Time to Achieve workshops I start out with explaining what creating and having a goal really means. A goal in essence is saying you are right here and you’d like to get over up here? And there is this gap in the middle. Inside this gap is everything that your goal will require of you. Goes back to that skills and knowledge you will have to gain and practice. In order to become the person who is not just capable of getting up and over here – but is someone who can maintain the results.

I highly recommend jotting out just what your goals are going to require of you. The more detailed you get – the easier it is to see what steps of action you need to take and to plan out when you need to take them.

I want you to take away this idea – it is an important life lesson.

Your goals need to line up with your purpose and vision!

This can be with your work, or your health, your relationships, your finances etc. If you want to succeed and flourish – your goals must line up with your purpose and vision. This helps you really focus in with clarity on making the right decisions and taking the actions that will get you to where you want to be.

Another big one. What makes you different? How do you stand out from others who also do what you do?

So on top of defining your purpose for your work, and figuring out how to invest good time into it, and knowing what your goals are both short and long term, comes deciding just how it is we want to stand out from the rest. How you stand out goes hand in hand with your impact.

There are a lot of things to think about here.

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