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Be You

Be You

When you listen to that calling and begin to pursue it, you begin to care less and less about what others think, do, and say. You become less influenced by outside sources, and weigh everything against the convictions you live by.

Each of us as individuals are unique, and our purpose and passion in life is independent of that of everyone else’s purpose. What others say and do may provide opportunities for observation, reflection, and learning.

When each of us remains self-reliant, we are free to be who we are. Free to pursue that which calls to us, and flows through us. Our purpose in life is to discover what it is we are passionate about and pursue it with all we can muster. Once we know our passion, we are then to utilize it, that is, find and create ways to share our unique talent and skills with others, to benefit all.

Work becomes play. It is a playtime filled with excitement, curiosity, focus, discipline, and brings pure fulfillment.

For many, this passion is simply a hobby. For others, those wise and brave enough to become creative and resilient, can turn their passion into a career.

This journey can only come to life if you remain true to the uniqueness that is you.

The truth is, when you listen to and follow that road that is meant just for you, others will no longer judge you, for when they see you, they see you filled with love, joy, courage, fire, and faith. You being you brings a smile not just to your face but upon others too.


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