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Achieving Goals Requires Daily Effort

achieving goals

Achieving Goals Requires Daily Effort


If I could get paid every time I hear people say they don’t have time for their goals – I could buy a sweet tropical island with a fancy yacht.

Time is a matter of perspective and so is how you actually achieve goals successfully.

People seem to think that to reach a goal it’s going to require 5 hours a day every day and that the process is all sweat and hard work and no fun until said goal is achieved.

Here is the truth about those who achieve goals consistently:

We do it in small blocks of time every single day.

Achieving goals requires two things of us.

First, that we show up and apply focused effort daily. Yes, daily. I’ll explain why in a bit.

Second, our goals require us to make good use of our time.

This combination creates an incredible power of intention + energy!


These Things Don’t Matter

  • Taking huge action only once in a great while
  • Trying to do everything all at once
  • Juggling more than you can handle
  • What your current schedule looks like
  • How much energy to think you have


Consistency Makes Progress

Showing up, how often and what you do with your time when you do manage to show up is what creates your actual progress for every single goal you want to achieve.

Consistency is what hones in and builds your skills, focus and momentum over time. Think of consistency as practicing that which you intend to “BE” once your goal is achieved.

If you can show up every Tuesday and Thursday for 20 minutes and focus diligently on the current step of your goal, you are doing much more than just working on what that action step includes.

You are confirming to your inner self that you can Do THIS and with time you can do this on a much bigger scale.

You are also telling the Universe (God) that you believe in what you are doing, the why behind it and that again, with time you are preparing for more in life.

If you could show up consistently (same time, same day, every week) for one hour for one entire year, you will have invested 52 hours of focused effort, energy and progressive skill into your goal. This adds up big time! It doesn’t seem like it when you are in the moment every week – but trust me it adds up fast.

Successful people start with this – just one hour a week devoted to a goal. Sometimes they break it down into two 30 minute blocks of time. As they realize they are capable of showing up consistently and are getting better at it, they begin to see progress being made and then they desire to be doing it more.

Additional blocks of time get added.

Think about how your life could be different, and how you would be different if you got decisive about your time every week and invested 5 hours a week into 1-2 goals for the course of a year. WOW! Huge difference!  You’d probably be an entirely different person and I guarantee you people would be noticing the wonderful changes in you and showing up in the circumstances of your life.  In just 260 hours of your time, energy and focus for one year.

(That could be watching one hour less of TV every day.)


Consistency counts.

Intentional Daily Effort…

 Here’s a bit of truth. It doesn’t take 5 hours a week to create incredible change in your daily life. Even if you put in three 1 hour blocks of time each week, then four 30 minute blocks of time (those 5 hours) and spread it out over the week, this isn’t that much of your time.

 You can invest time into your goals and a better more enjoyable life if you decide to.

 Those who achieve goals consistency decide to put in the effort daily. Because it matters. It adds up and it fine tunes and it cements into reality who you desire to be one little piece at a time – like a big jigsaw puzzle.

 If your life needs a total overhaul, what if you went to the store, to the game aisle and saw a puzzle titled “The Life You Want to Be Living” and this puzzle contains 1,095 pieces to make the picture complete. When you complete the puzzle TADA you magically get the life you want to be living.

You do the math in your head and think, “Well, that means I’d only have to place 3 puzzle pieces together every day for one year. That sounds pretty easy to me.”  So, you buy the puzzle because dangit, your life isn’t that spectacular and you could some improvements.

 When you get home you open the puzzle box, dump it out on a table and get started flipping the pieces all picture side up. 3 pieces a day is a piece of cake. Once that task is done you add to the top of your to do list for the rest of the week – put together 3 puzzle pieces.

 Think about this for a minute. I wholly realize there is no such thing as a magical puzzle we can put together for a brand-new life like a red, easy button. But the truth in this story remains the same.

 Whatever it is you want to achieve or change, get intentional about it. Write down all that you can think of that this goal is going to require from you in growth, learning and change. Then put your action steps in order and start devoting 15-30 minutes every day towards your goal.

 We create change in ourselves and the life we live and reach our goals based on the consistent effort we apply.

 Want to see results faster? Figure out how to devote more time and energy into your goals. Learn how to show up every day of the week and put together 3 pieces of the puzzle instead of just one. Or put together 7 instead of 3. The decision is always yours and in your control.


Making This Effort Count

It doesn’t do us any good to turn off the tv, our phone and sit and stare at the wall waiting for a miracle to happen. You need objective. What are you wanting to do? What would you like to see change or improve? Figure out your WHY behind your goal. This is the first step as it is the driving force to keep you focused and motivated to keep showing up.

There is no savior or white knight coming to rescue you and do the grunt work for you. You have to learn to be your own hero. You’ve got to learn to take your life by the reigns and direct how it will unfold before you.

If you are going bother at all, put in your best effort and focus, put your heart and soul into it (this matters too). Make your time and energy investments count!

Get intentional and decisive about your life. Pick something to work towards, figure out just what that entails, make a game plan for making progress every day, no matter how small of step it may be.


Manage Your Resources Wisely

Your time and energy are your biggest resources and you control both, these are within your decisive power.  If you can’t figure out how to carve out a couple of 1 hour blocks of time each week for your goal…

You either don’t want this change and improvement badly enough


You either don’t want this change and improvement badly enough.


Yes, I said that twice on purpose. If you don’t have much time (you do, you just are not decisive with it) or energy (again you can have energy if you live more decisively), there is no excuse under the sun to justify it. There isn’t.

What happens when women find themselves stuck in a hurried endless hamster wheel day in and out is that said gal has lost herself and has been giving herself away too much for too long. In other words, she’s lowered her standards for self-love and self-care.

When we learn to love ourselves greater, we establish healthy values and boundaries that support and replenish our resources.

So, either you don’t really want to put in the effort that a better life requires or you need to focus first on better self-love and care. If this is you, don’t fret! I’ve got a whole series to help you learn to love yourself greater starting today.

We can learn to maximize our time and energy well!

Maybe you really don’t have a free hour (that doesn’t come at 2am) a few days a week (I said a few days). What you do have on those days though, it’s very likely you can find 2-3 15 minute blocks of time. On these days, you can do quick little things to keep making progress and for fueling your momentum.  You can return emails, make phone calls, do research, plan a bit, organize a to do list or break down the next action step into daily tasks. You can follow up, think deeper, visualize bigger and better!

See there is no excuse. You’ve got to learn to maximize your time and energy.


To Make Real Progress on Our Goals:

We need to be consistent with when we show up.

We need to value putting in effort daily (even if it’s just the tiniest steps of progress made).

We need to make our efforts count. Thus, we need a plan and we need to actually take action.

Lastly, we need learn to manage and invest our resources well in order to maximize our efforts.

Achieving Your Goals Requires Daily Progress!!!

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones to Reach Our Goals

It can be uncomfortable trying to embrace and initiate change in how we view and live life. Our goals require us to step beyond our comfort bubble and into unknown territory.

The thing is every time we do step outside our old ‘normal’ we are establishing a NEW normal.

It doesn’t take long before this uncomfortableness fades into our normal way of being and living. We have to rise up into the life we want to be living and be willing to go about things differently than we have been. That is how we create positive changes in our lives.

So, step out. Dare to do something different that shakes up your routine and how you approach life. Create room for taking better care of you and for investing in your goals and the life you want to be living.



I mentioned earlier the importance of learning self-love and self-care.

This is the foundation for everything we are and do as women.

If you would like to learn how to love yourself greater and invest in you better,

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