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7 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

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7 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress



The holiday season brings on additional types of stress: family and relationship issues, money challenges, last minute hustle and bustle, traveling, preparing for the holiday meals and goodies, you name it, we all seem to feel some of it.

These tips and reminders will help reduce your stress level along with helping to keep everything in perspective.

Stress Reducer #1 – Focus on Your Values

The stress heaps on when we lose focus on what we believe is important to celebrate and do during the holidays. It’s time to own your personal power this holiday season!

Jot down the top 3 most important things to think about, do and celebrate. Let the rest of the list go.

Say yes to what contributes to your values and START SAYING NO to the things and people that pull you from being in a state of peace.

We don’t have to attend every gathering. We don’t have to travel if we don’t want to. We don’t have to put up with so and so. Truly, we don’t.

Stress Reducer #2 – Let go of Guilt

Whether it’s about saying no to someone or something, this holiday season LET GO OF GUILT!

It may be in regards to turning down that invite to travel to the next state, or to be the one making the food or maybe you are short on money this year and can’t buy lots of gifts. LET IT GO!

You have every right to say no to things, events and people. You don’t need to justify saying no, to doing something different this year. Not at all. There is no need to explain your decisions to others (adults).

You get to own your decisive power and you are the one in control of making decisions about how your holiday will go. In that you also are in control of how you respond to others and circumstances.


Stress Reducer #3 – Let Them

Stop trying to compete with the neighbors, with your relatives, with your friends. Let them travel. Let them decorate to the hilt. Let them bake a feast. Let them fight and fuss. Let them buy their kids and everyone under the sun too many gifts.

Let people be. Let them do things the way they want.

While you do your thing – your way, according to what you belief is important.

The stress we feel builds when we try to keep up with others or outdo them in our efforts.

You are reading this because you want to feel less stress. You want more peace and a simpler, easier holiday season. So choose a route that encompasses that.

Stress Reducer #4 – Slow Down

We all know someone who finished their holiday planning, shopping and decorating months ago. Who cares!

Do your thing. Slow it all down.

Cross stuff off that to do list not because you are getting them done but because you realize you don’t need to do them at all!

Allow yourself to breathe and even put your feet up.

Slow it down. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well and still getting exercise in. As it gets cold out most people want to bunker down. Getting good sleep, eating right and moving your body will ward off those colds and flu bugs, especially if you will be traveling.

Focus on one thing at a time. Do it well and get it done. Then move on to the next thing on your to do list.

Stress Reducer #5 – Keep It Simple

Even if you are the one hosting the get together you can still keep the celebration simple and low key.

Being a great host has nothing to do with pomp and fanfare and everything to do with how you actually feel that day!

People remember how others are energetically. They will take note if you are tired, super stressed and in dire need of a vacation (or holiday spirits), if you are the holiday grouchy grinch or if you were calm, cheerful, relaxed and enjoying every moment. The choice is yours.

Plan out meals that make easy leftovers that guests can prep quickly themselves. Ask your guests to bring side dishes to reduce how much cooking you’ll need to do.

Ask for help!

So much stress comes from the belief we must do it all and our way is the only way. Let go and let others help you with various tasks.

If you are hosting a big celebration simply assign everyone a little task in set up or clean up, make a list on a clipboard and that makes it easy for people to know how they can help without getting in the way. Get the kids involved with easy tasks that won’t make bigger messes.


Stress Reducer #6 – Take Time for You

Whether it’s a morning with a quiet house, an afternoon out shopping by yourself or an indulging evening of self-pampering, create time for you to both unwind and rejuvenate your energy.

Do this before the holiday and after.

Often we feel like we need a vacation after the celebration. Hey, it’s a lot of work. Reserve yourself some TLC and R & R time, you will be so glad you did!


Stress Reducer #7 – Cherish & Reflect

The holidays are to be filled with joy and warmth. This comes from the lovely scents of candles, yummy foods, and setting the scene with décor and surrounding yourself with those you love and adore.

We can also feel this delightful cheer by reflecting on our blessings and the people and things we cherish.

This is a great time to write a few heartfelt thank you letters to people and mentors who’ve really helped you this year and who made a profound impact in your life.

If you struggle with the holiday season and are feeling glum, create a list of accomplishments and a list of blessings. This will remind you how blessed you truly are and help you see how much progress you’ve made this year.


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