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7 Keys for Setting Goals

7 keys goals

7 Keys for Setting Goals

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams…

You’ve got to LIVE your LIFE on FIRE!

You must be alive, burning wildly and brightly from deep within the core of who you are – in order to achieve your goals and build dreams.

REAL goals are lined up with your passions!

You must be interested in, curious about and desperately wanting to change and improve some aspect of who you are.

It all has to come from within.

The fuel to feed this fire, this insatiable flame that cannot be extinguished that is your passion lined up with your purpose – that too must come from within.

This here – is the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

This is the difference between those who give up on their goals after three days or three weeks or two months into the new year and those who not only fulfill their goal but are barreling forward with gusto.


Every single goal we set in life – the outcome is predetermined by whether or not this goal (this desire for change) is coming from within the depths of who you are, or from the outside, from some external source.

So long as you are making decisions based on outside factors and people – you will fail.

Every time you set a goal that does not contain a willingness for growth and change – you will fail.

For every goal you say you will try to achieve that requires you to give up what you are not ready to face and let go of – you will fail.

EVERY GOAL AND DREAM ACHIEVED contains these vital components:

Key #1 A deep, deep excruciating need for change.

Think of this as the last straw, life has to change for you cannot go on remaining the same.

Key #2 It lines up with a true passion and interest.

This is the internal fuel of desire, motivation, focus, determination, drive, and commitment to see it through. This also makes the growth, learning and change required by you to achieve the goal a natural extension of who you are.

Key #3 It is a long term lifestyle change.

There is no turning back. There is only forward. This is the building/rebuilding of your best self and the best life you can envision for yourself. It will take time and you won’t care so long as you are putting in the effort to build it.

Key #4 It is solely upon your shoulders.

Yes, you maybe need to learn new knowledge, develop new skills and collaborate a bit here and there but…

This goal, this dream, it is yours and yours alone and the outcome is 100% up to you.

Key #5 Insane level of belief.

The embracing of a belief in thyself to the likes you’ve never realized was possible. To the zillionth degree. As in stretching your confidence and faith so far outside of your comfort zone you at this point – can’t comprehend the level of belief required.

Key #6 A Plan to make it happen.

A complete and detailed vision of you and your life with the goal achieved coupled with understanding it won’t happen unless you make it so.

Key #7 The Trio of Success

The internal recognition and acceptance that you will need to live decisively, become empowered and be resilient in order to achieve it and maintain the results.


Think of these components in relation to the goals and dreams you are striving after this year. See how you can begin to approach your goals successfully!
 I bet you haven’t heard it quite like this before and that is because most people can’t achieve their goals or maintain their results.
There is more to achieving goals than writing them down with a deadline.

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