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5 Reasons People Are Not Signing Up or Buying

5 Reasons People Are Not Signing Up or Buying


 Here are 5 Reasons people are Not Following, Signing Up or Buying from a lot of big names right now.

Yes, I am finding that up and comers have it figured out and are rising quickly because they are seeing what I am.

Reason #1 – You Don’t Understand Success in Its Entirety

Here is what happens. A lot of people suddenly realize they are doing something right, but they don’t really understand how it happened. And they don’t know how to apply it across the board or realize they can.  So they go with what they know about success and it’s limited. Thus they reach a limit for the solid value they can provide and it shows as the person keeps adding products without adding to the legit knowledge, understanding, applicability of it.

I pick up on missing aspects other people are lacking quickly – yet they are clueless. I’m letting you in on the signs that someone really doesn’t understand what the process for success is or how to keep it.

Clue #1 – They are only successful in one aspect of life. Most people can only see what is right in front of them and that is why many successful people look like they are doing it right. But if you get into the observation mode of those who do understand what success is and what it takes – you’d pick up on the multiple signs that are very clear that some people who look successful really aren’t.

Clue #2 – They are following the same model for business and marketing that everyone else is. Here is why that is a big sign they don’t get it. The exact same model and plan will not work for everyone. A wise entrepreneur knows how to observe and take in what people are and are not doing and why, uses their own model and applies the lessons learned from watching others.  Your ‘Way’ is going to be unique to who you are, what you are doing and the why behind it. Authenticity will allow one to stand out from the crowd and be successful.

 Clue #3 – This is part of the rest of the article but in a nutshell – they are full of fluff and only know how to blast their name out there – but what they actually know and are capable of teaching isn’t much – so they have to use excessive chatter and fluff to make it look good.

Tip for success – Those who are truly successful do not waste time or energy in excessive chatter. Instead they get right to the point.

Clue #4  – They hide behind their titles and ‘achievements.’ High quality products and services don’t need applause to continue thriving! If someone uses their titles/award repetitively it is because they don’t have much else to offer. Real success grows from within and doesn’t need a bullhorn. It’s a specific energy that arrives into the arena before the person actually does and it arrives quietly.


Reason #2 Too Much is Too Much

This ties in with Reason #1 and people blindly following and utilizing everyone else’s methods without understanding the why and authenticity behind it. 

A lot of big names swear that sending fans 15 emails a day (or even 5) works. But they are behind and have lost touch with real people. Nobody wants 5 emails EVERY DAY from the same person or company.

Nobody wants to see your post on social media about your 50th program or launching every day of the week, every week out of the year.  They really don’t.

Nobody wants to have to sign up every time they want to read your article or listen to your audio. Too many sign ups and providing partial content to then have to sign up to get the meaningful part is a joke.

Big names right now are still swearing by this model but every person I know in social media, the business industry, both entrepreneurs and general folks know the truth.

Truth: If your product is good and filled with valuable content taught in ways people can actually apply it – your work will sell itself. It will. And it doesn’t require endless emails and announcements that you swear will only arrive once in a blue moon.

A lot of people are now unsubscribing from big names and not signing up for programs because they are receiving multiple emails every day from them and the content in the programs is filled with fluff and flair – not anything good and useful.

Clue #1 – That someone doesn’t know what they are doing – they believe they must send out a bazillion emails (yes, the very ones about products and programs) daily, weekly and they swear this is the only method for achieving success. It is not.


Reason #3 Lack of Respect for Self and Others

Highly successful people highly value their time and resources. They vigorously protect their time and truly respect those who will also respect their time. In turn they respect the time and resources of others.

Falsely successful people (following everyone else’s models) don’t care about other people’s time. They don’t care if they send you 500-5,000 emails every year. They don’t care if they take up an hour or two of your time every week and could actually provide the real value of their services in less than 10 minutes.

Highly successful people do their own thing – while respecting others.

If you want real success, understand that you have to show people how to value and respect themselves at a higher level and teach them how to do it while being a great example of it.

Here are a few signs in which to spot someone who doesn’t quite get it:

Clue #1 – Said person takes 15 minutes to tell you about themselves and say hello.

        Clue #2 – Said person actually thinks fluff is valuable.

Clue #3 –  Said person spends more time talking about the product they are trying to upgrade you to instead of following through on their original commitment of providing you with more than 30 seconds and two itty bit tips to improve upon that you signed up for expecting to receive.

Clue #4 – You’ve lost track of how many emails you’ve deleted today from the same name without opening them. (Take 10 seconds and unsubscribe.)


Reason #4 Great People, Products and Services Will Sell Themselves.

Yes, they will.

Great character is wonderful energy and it spreads like a wildfire on its own – there is no tooting of the horn required.

It is the underlying foundation of business.

If what you offer is crap, no matter how you package it and present it – eventually people will realize it is crap and your foundation will crumble.

As someone who has more than enough years working with real people day to day in sales – the quickest way to not sell something or have it be returned is to lie about what it will really do for you, the quality in which it was produced and failing to actually connect with people.

Here are a few clues of why you might be losing current and potential customers:

Clue #1 Sending multiple emails about the same things is not connecting with your customers.

Clue #2 Welcoming by name to all 300+ people in your audience is not connecting with your customers.

Clue #3 You are not providing real content. All it takes is one halfway intelligent customer to recognize halfway through your program that you still haven’t taught them anything to realize this is likely how all of your programs have been created. In other words, you just failed to sell them what you were about to offer.

Clue #4 When 90% of your services and programs consist of you telling your story and talking about your upgraded services – the only one you are fooling is you.

Real quality and valuing customers is the core of success in business. It stems off of respect, for yourself and for others.

Why would you not offer your best all the time?

Technology and social media are incredible tools. Customers will talk. They will share with everyone whether or not what you provide is of high quality and worth it or if it has little real value.

Small business is on the rise again. Especially as many stay at home parents have taken entrepreneurship as a solid way to earn income and provide them with flexibility.

The difference that small business owners are offering that big names/companies forget to is that high quality value and commitment to customers.

The trend today is rewarding the high value services and products we receive – not necessarily buying from someone with popularity.


Reason # 5 Balance Wins.

More is not less and less is not always more. Our cultural trends were striding off of being on the extreme end of everything and sugar coating everything.

Now it is changing. Balance is winning. Realness, truth and honesty are rising trends and the key to success in coming years is based on just how real a person is and in the solid value they are providing. Too many people have skidded off the edge with the extremes and people are returning to leading more balanced lifestyles in every aspect of life.

The trends are less repetition of the same things, higher levels of value and respect and applicability of what is provided.

If you want to gain people’s attention – it has to be done so with respect. Less emails and announcements and better value and quality.

Titles, awards, and numbers are beginning to mean less and less to the average person.

Being a best-seller or having a superior title today – it likely means you knew the right people. It doesn’t translate into your product/service having real value that customers can enjoy and apply. Big names are failing to comprehend that the average person knows this.


These are real reasons why people aren’t opting in, signing up for or buying what you are offering. Too many emails, too many announcements – all relating to how your new item is “The Hottest Surefire Way To….” 

People want quick, simple, valuable products and services with real customer service. If you provide each product and service packed with applicable content, they will happily return – so long as you respect their time and intelligence. If they like you, they will know exactly where and how to find you and if you are really good – yes, they will take thirty seconds out of their day to visit your website where it is all located. Real sales require respect and dignity – not making customers roll their eyes about yet another email or post about your product.

What you create to offer and sell – it MUST be filled from start to finish with high quality information and tools and applicability. There is zero need for 15 minute introductions and 30-minute product pitches. Just say “Welcome – Let’s get started.” Then actually start.

Authenticity is so important today!

As more and more people move away from making excuses and sugar coating into self-ownership and decisiveness, they are beginning to spot fakeness from miles away. The only ones not seeing it are those who are being fake. People can tell when you have hired associates to create your content. People can tell when your ‘live’ program is pre-recorded. (Pre-recorded is fine when you state that it is and are authentic in the program).  People do NOT want to listen to two big names chit chat or provide basic knowledge in podcasts or webinars – they want real tangible intermediate and advanced level insight.

If you are ready to truly thrive and allow your work to grow – utilize these tips to build your business, improve your connection with current and new customers and make a positive impact with others.

Be real. Provide a level of excellence in what you provide and how you treat people.

Start raising the bar because this is the new trend in society – returning to real value and real connections.


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