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12 Week Results HH Method & Blogging Tips

12 Week Results HH Method & Blogging Tips

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*This article is lengthy & packed with great blogging tips and ideas*

If you’d like to learn more about Holly Homer’s method for growing social media read my first post in this series –

Results of Applying the Holly Homer Method Week One

It has been 3 months since I began to apply her method for growing my social media along with aggressively pursuing various options to learn more about growing social media. This article contains multiple insights for ways to grow social media including different ways to look at your blog/website as a blogger/writer/entrepreneur.

Things I Did:

  1. I bought $99 membership to Dollarphotoclub. One of the best investments i’ve made. The pictures are incredibly awesome – especially if you are in the fitness/success/motivation/writing niche. Woooooeeee! They work well in Canva and Picmonkey. Be sure to add in an attribution at bottom of your posts for DollarPhotoClub pics!
  2. Created a printable as a freebie for email signups plus came up with a few more to switch out from time to time.
  3. Refocused and Clarified along with writing about being a brand/business with a blog extension instead of blogging and trying to make money with it.
  4. Found a few more Pinterest boards to join, plus I created an open board for other bloggers to join.
  5. Created a few videos – about me, about my brand, for upcoming EBook launch and some others.
  6. Made solid progress with this second EBook – Editing is done, built the landing page on my site, made videos and newsletters for the launch.

Stats and Traffic:

I created and shared some great posts during this time and received great feedback and traffic from these new posts.

I had one week in which my traffic was just odd – with it being summer, I believe that a lot of people were just taking a few days off from social media. That FB reach of 1,000 that I had for like ten days, dropped in half the next week – despite the fact that I was doing the exact same things as the week before.

This is why it is important to be active in a handful of different social media sources. While my FB traffic dropped off, my Pinterest traffic has been up! Pinterest is proving to be a real source of traffic for me, especially on days when other traffic is slower. Several of my post pins have really taken off!

I’ve noticed a real pick up in daily traffic to my site in these last 3-4 weeks. My google analytics shows that my daily average visits is 50-100 with several days over 100. (Yes I know so small for some.) Compared to just 3 months ago this has more than doubled. 3-4 Months ago my site was having maybe 3-5 days where I’d get more than 50 visits to my site. Now it’s reversed. I have only 3-5 days in the last month where my daily visits are LESS than 50.

So even though my first few posts about all these things I’m doing differently (especially the Holly Homer method) didn’t show clear results, the results are obvious now!


9 Weeks/12 Weeks  (4 weeks in total):

FB Likes: 1,021/1,212

Twitter: 768/965

Pinterest: 228/382

Google+: 387/377

Youtube: 12/14

Other Thoughts/Notes:

One of my goals during this time is growing beyond the basic ‘blogger’ level. Again, back to that re-clarification with my goals and purpose for even having a blog is building a platform as an author. Now that I feel like I’ve learned those beginner blogger basics, I’m raising the bar and trying to figure out just how to expand upwards.

I highly suggest following Holly Homer and her team at B2B, because they too are also in the process of addressing this issue I am having of “How do I break out of and beyond the blogger’s ‘world?’” Part of this for me is being able to grow my blog and platform in ways that it will not require so much of my time to socialize. The blogging groups are awesome but it is time consuming. And a lot of bloggers get stuck in this rut where most of their traffic is just other bloggers.

This was fine and dandy while I learned the ropes of blogging but my blog is just a small extension and part of my whole brand and platform as a professional. So I am working on this bursting up and beyond.

I think I have a lot of solid things to create and build upon – it is just a matter of time. Seriously, as a work at home mom in the midst of summer – it’s just a matter of waiting until I have more and better quality working time blocks to be creating. With that being said though, there is no excuse for being a WAHM and not working towards your goals/ambitions. I work about 12 hours a week outside the home, and in June I put in 90 hours of work time into my book projects, website and related activities. I stayed up late many nights to get my daily/weekly tasks done to stay on track with my long term goals.

I have another post coming up that is about being able to have one hand working on what is right in front of you, while you have your other hand working way down the road planning and preparing the direction that you want to be heading in. You’ve got to have a vision for yourself and what you are doing.

So I have the vision and I’m doing the work and I am making good progress!

Additional notes for these few weeks:

I launched my first Ebook Focus & Value – How to Write an EBook with Focus and Value to Engage Your Readers. I put my 8 years of working in a bookstore and combined it with my 12+ years of writing into a book packed with great tips for writers in building focus and discipline to see writing projects through from beginning to end and also how to work through common challenges like writer’s block.

I’ve also been prepping for my second EBook launch for The Point of the Marathon – How to Raise the Bar for a Higher Level of Living.

People think success happens quickly and overnight but it doesn’t. Trust me. Those you see who are successful are putting in the hours and the sweat into their work. I’ve had several and I mean several night of staying up til midnight getting my work done so I can stay on target with my goals and deadlines. I’ve had a lot more coffee than normal and less exercise. Yes, I a fitness fanatic have been exchanging workout hours for more ‘work’ hours. (Temporary and still keeping up with a maintenance regimen. I got 25 miles in and some boxing for June.)

Again, this is an example of where I’m focusing both on the long run and short term. The blog is that quick, short term burst of traffic that slowly builds up a solid platform while creating real products (EBooks for me which go hand in hand with traditional publishing) which raises the bar and adds power and punch to everything else I’m doing.

Oh yes, I also have taken on those YouTube videos! So many ideas and just not enough time. I need a clone. I think I have however figured out basic video creation and editing. Totally a newbie but I can record a 5-10 minute video and have it edited and up on YouTube in about an hour. Basic works! In just a few weeks I’ve had 100+ views on just 3 videos with little effort applied and I’m making money on them with Google AdSense.

While you are in the beginning stages of anything, basic and simple works! Learn the ropes. When you are ready to give something a boost then you are rising up to another level where just basics won’t cut it anymore – so be sure you are ready for the next level before you climb up to it!

I am looking forward to being able to help writers and bloggers (and professionals) in expanding their mindset when it comes to their platform. In the opportunities that are out there and how to make it happen.

I have shared different tips and thoughts about what I am doing with my blog and social platform in each of my HH Results posts. I encourage you to go back and read them as it guides you mentally through applying the changes I’ve made.

Final thoughts:

Some of the biggest changes for me in the last few weeks is the increase in traffic to my site and with my FB reach. I had a big jump in followers for FB, Twitter and Pinterest. Google+ has been slow for me, although my fitness related posts that I share in Google communities have done well.

I had added Sumome in May to help grow my mailing list, only for me to realize that it doesn’t auto transfer the signups to my MailChimp list. My list nearly doubled and I didn’t know it. I’m still behind on growing my list but I have added a freebie for signing up and created a few more to use later.

I spent a few hours doing serious long term planning. I have all my goals, projects, books, and products written out and on my calendar for the next 2 years. I know which seasons I am busy as a Mom and I worked everything around holidays and kid activities. My work has focus and direction. I always try to be extra ambitious with long term planning – and I am always surprised at just how much I am able to truly accomplish.

Aim high and if you miss by a bit you’re still accomplishing a lot more than if you aim too low.

So this last week – week 12, I deliberately took the week off. Instead of working 4-6 hours a day, I worked at most 1 hour a day. Mostly just for peace of mind that everything was still functioning. It’s challenging. It was hard to not think about all the things I could/should be working on. I mean, my second book launch is in less than 2 weeks. But when I put all those hours in last month, plus the long hours of the last few months, it was time. Time to unwind, time to breathe and let go. Time to just relax.

And honest, that hard work has paid off. I’ve had more traffic to my site in the last 2 weeks (including my week off) than I’ve ever had. I have hardly been on social media. I did one good blog post for the beginning of the week and didn’t even max out the social sharing end of it. And the traffic continues to arrive. The hard work pays off.

I have to mention again the sweetness of Pinterest. My post The Difference (Between writers who succeed vs those who quit) that I published in early June has been repined almost 1,000 time in just one month and it has sent tons of traffic to my site and my related YouTube videos.  Get your posts, your products, your videos pinned. I mean literally whip up an awesome photo and pin your work.

So these are my blogging tips and results at the 3 month mark. Growth and progress take time. While you patiently wait, be diligent in your work and learn and grow as much as you can. Expand your mindset and pursue uncharted territory. Try new things and see where they lead.

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