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12 Days of Empowering You


12 Days of Empowering You


It’s that time of year, not the 12 Days of Christmas. Nope.

It’s time for our 12 Days of Empowering You = We want you to be Decisive, Empowered & Resilient!

Every holiday season we do a roundup of our most popular and commonly asked for success posts. These articles are filled with wonderful tips to help you stay motivated and lead you to successfully in creating and achieving your goals.

Save this post in your web browser, then come back and read one inspiring post each day for the next 12 days. Better yet ~ print each of these articles out and save them in a file so you can refer back them on days when you need that motivation.


Oh, and be sure to share with your family and friends, you’ll love inspiring giving the gift that keeps on giving!


Day #1 Why Do I Need to Discover My Life Purpose?

Learning how to reserve and maximize your personal resources (time, energy, money, talents) is a BIG determining factor in your potential for success. Knowing your purpose in life allows you make better decisions in creating a life you will love, a life filled naturally with energy and passion.

Click to read Why Do I Need to Discover My Life Purpose?


Day #2 Where is that big, red magic button?

The responses to our How Can I Hit Reset? Article were overwhelming! The truth is, we have the power within us every day to make new decisions. Thus, we CAN start over, we really can hit the reset button in life. (Amen to that!)

Click to read How Can I Start Over?


Day #3 I’m too scared to begin!

Yikes! This is never an enjoyable place to be and that’s why our post on Finding the Courage to Begin has helped readers around the world in taking a deep breath in, letting it out, and discovering they’ve had the courage and strength within all along.

Click to read Finding Courage


Day #4 Is life testing you?

Don’t despair. When you learn what life’s challenges really mean you’ll develop a new perspective on life and find relief in knowing how to handle them.

Click here to read When Life is Testing You


Day #5 I planted what today?

This post was a real eye opener for readers. It can be so easy to get caught up in the day to day only to realize what you planted last month is bringing you the results you are experiencing today. You’ll enjoy learning how to plant seeds for success and a lifestyle you’ll love.

Click here to read How to Plant Seeds of Success


Day #6 Wait! Stop! Don’t Quit Just Yet!

So many people quit their goals when they are just a few steps away from reaching them. Don’t let this be you! Read these 5 Steps to Take before quitting your goals. Print these tips out and save them!

Click here to read 5 Steps to Take Before You Quit


Day #7 Where is that relief package?

Okay, you have realized that you can make great decisions, that you can create a better tomorrow. You are learning that you shouldn’t just up and quit but for Goodness Sake – Where is My Relief package? Have you been wondering where it is?

Click here to read When Will My Breakthrough Arrive?


Day #8 Asking for Help Means…

Many never achieve their goals because of this one fear – having to ask for help! How silly is this? Asking for help is a wonderful thing! It shows you are willing to acknowledge what you don’t know and that you are wanting to learn and get better. Read this one for tips on getting over the fear of seeking the very help you need.

Click here to read To Level Up You Will Have to Ask for Help


Day #9 The Almighty List

This awesome resource for motivation has proved itself over and over. If you don’t have this in your tool box, you will want to add it soon. If you’ve been a long-time fan, you know exactly what list I’m referring to and if you haven’t created it yet – just do it already!

If this is your first time here at Decisive. Empowered. Resilient, be sure to make the most of this success tool for it will guide you forward and give you a boost when you need it most.

Click here to read Creating a List of Accomplishments


Day #10 Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?

Ok, this post is relatively new but it brings a friendly wake-up call to how you are going about your daily life. Since you are here, you are seeking a life that is more than just survival mode. Enjoy this inspiring take on a very important question.

Click here to read Will You Make This Year Your Year to Thrive?


Day #11 First Things First – You’ll Need This to Succeed

Way before you ever go setting a goal, writing it down and taping a deadline to said goal – you need the #1 determining factor for achieving your goals – a mindset for success. This post helps you start focusing on what really matters most when it comes to your goals.

Click here to read Building a Mindset to Achieve


Day #12 Thank Heavens for New Year’s Resolutions!

The good news about the calendar year, New Year’s circles back around every stinking year. This means there is at least one day out of the year where you can’t keep making excuses as to why you aren’t reaching those goals. It’s the one day of the year you can lollygag and twirl in circles because it’s only Day One and you are just beginning. (Just a wee bit of sarcasm here)

On a more serious note, I saved the best for last, seriously it is packed with wonderful tips on

How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions (click that to read it)


Hallelujah There’s More!

Yes, we have too many things to share this holiday season to help you succeed.


Success in beautifully wrapped box

We all love short cuts. We love it even more when we don’t have to spend years and countless amounts of our resources to learn what others spend decades discovering. In this handy article, you’ll get 10 nuggets of wisdom that will truly help you succeed.

Click here for 10 Lessons for Success


Have a Holly, Jolly, Merry Start to the New Year

Or restart. Hey, we just covered hitting that reset button a little bit ago.  I can’t leave out our biggest gift of all, it’s sure to carry you all holly, jolly and joy-filled into the New Year!

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