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10 Things to Share with Your Subscribers

10 Things to Share with Your Subscribers


Today I’m helping you get started with content ideas to start sending to your email subscriber list. The following list of 10 Things to Share are just ideas, you can certainly use them to help get your emails going or let them spin your creativity to come up with your own ideas.

#1 Who Are You?

Share who you are with your fans! Tell them what your business (or blog) is, what you offer (just a brief sampling or list of services/products), where else they can find you and what they will receive from you now that they have subscribed.

#2 How You Started

Let your fans in on how you got started on this particular adventure. What let up to the beginning of it, how far you have come and where you are going with it.

#3 Snippets of Your 3 Best Blog Posts

These could be articles or videos, take your fans right to good stuff, the posts that have been shared and pinned the most by your fans. This will get your new subscribers excited (because your best posts are pretty awesome) and wanting more.

#4 Inside Peek

Give subscribers an inside peek at what you are currently working on and don’t share it on FB or Twitter. If you are working on something big this creates early excitement for it and gives them a special behind the scenes look at how it all comes together.

#5 Special Coupons

These are your big time fans and you want to let them know they mean a lot to you. So, offer them great deals on your products and services that they won’t receive by following you on social media. Give them a heads up on upcoming events they’ll need to register for – this way they get first dibs on enrollment.

#6 Bonus Tips

Did you just create helpful hints post on how to do something? Send your subscribers extra tips to help them learn quicker.

#7 What Else Do You Do?

Do you have more than one business, niche or type of services you offer? Share that with this list of subscribers and it is likely you will pique their interest because they already like what you are doing for them now and you’ve established a relationship with them.

#8 Give Them the Goods

What programs, services, products and people do you love and follow? Give your fans a list of people to go check out and tell them why you love these programs/people.

#9 Be transparent

Authenticity is so important! This is what is the glue in the relationship you build with your fans and customers. Get real with your subscribers – take them into your world, what you are dealing with and how you are handling it.

#10 How Can They Help You?

Ask. Need motivation or additional support, ask your subscribers to give you a hand. Looking for a certain product or service, ask them for recommendations. Want more reviews or shares for your content, ask your list to give your work that boost. They are here because they adore you and will love an opportunity to return the love.


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