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10 Things To Do With a New Blog Post

new blog post

10 Things To Do With a New Blog Post

*This post contains affiliate links*

What do you after you hit publish on a new blog post?

 This sounds like it should be easy as pie, but if you are new to blogging or just incorporated a blog into your business framework you might not actually know what you can do with a published post. That is okay – we all start with zero knowledge on the matter and that’s why I’m covering this topic in detail for you today. I want you to learn quickly all the awesome things you can do with your new blog posts so you can maximize your opportunities!


First, let’s go back and do a quick check to make sure you have included some important things in your blog article.

Your Post Should Have:

A link to a related post, product, service or page on your site. People are already there, they are curious about what you are writing so lead them someplace where they can find more of it. For example, you might enjoy this post on The 4 Basic Must Have’s for Writers and Bloggers.

An incentive or encouragement for readers to sign up for your subscriber list. (see bottom of this post for example) Again, they are already interested in what you are creating, we want them to come back to us for more.

A nice image to associate with your post and accompany your post on social media mentions.

Image credit. Unless you personally took the photos you are using, you need to credit the source where you are using the picture from. If you are using your own photos, I’d watermark them or credit yourself for them. Give credit where it is due and avoid legal hassles. (mine is at the bottom.)

Denote any affiliation links. For example, if I want to share an affiliation link for a Free Trial of Tailwind, then I need to acknowledge it near the top of my blog post/page. (see above).

Those are some of the basic Do’s to include in your post. Let’s move on to…

What To Do After You Hit Publish:

#1 Copy and Paste Post Link

A handy tool you can create for all of your blog posts is a simple excel spreadsheet. You only need two columns to stay organized: Post Title and Link. If you want, you could add the Published Date and Category.

Be sure to copy and paste your new post link right away so you can have quick access to it from here on out. This makes it SO EASY to find and use your blog post links later on.

#2 Schedule New Post

You can use programs like Co-Schedule, Hootsuite, or Buffer. Some have free versions too. I started with Co-Schedule then switched to Hootsuite, which I really enjoy using. There is also Tailwind for Pinterest and that one is awesome too! For Facebook, use their scheduler for all your Facebook posts – you get better reach that way.

Anyhow, make sure you get your new post scheduled into your social media calendars right away!

I usually schedule my new posts on FB, Twitter and Pinterest the same day it’s published, then once again over the weekend. Each new post gets out there a handful of times over my entire social media platform throughout the year as I re-schedule old posts too.

#3 Add Post Content to Email

One of the things I love about using Convertkit is that I can create segments (a series of emails that go out in a timely fashion based on certain topics or groups of subscribers).  Every week I add my new blog post content to one of my segments – this creates year-round email content that keeps my subscribers happy and engaged in my creations.  

If I have a post that is seasonal like my 7 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress, I can toss it into my line up of late fall emails for the coming year and I could also create a new separate email with the same content and send it to all my subscribers.


#4 Pin Away!

If you do not already belong to Pinterest Group Boards, I encourage you to find some to join. Group boards are boards based on a certain topic or group of contributors. Belonging to a group board expands your reach and increases your website traffic and re-pins. Be sure to read and follow each group’s rules for contributing.

If you’d like to join my Great Things by Bloggers board, send me your Pinterest email address and I will add you. (It’s spam free.)


#5 Save Your Post

Sounds obvious but a lot of bloggers never save their blog posts in a Word document. You can totally re-purpose and use your old post content in so many ways! Be sure to save all your posts. Save them in a file that is just for your blog posts.


#6 Re-purpose It

If you are not already in my Empowered Writer’s program sign up below! One of the things I teach writers and bloggers is how to plan out for the long term the direction they want their blog to go in and how to expand your professional platform!

Whether you’ve planned out your upcoming blog post topics ahead of time or are just winging it – there are tons of things we can do with old blog posts and our content.  A handful of related posts could become: a freebie incentive to download, an eBook, a full-blown book, a video series, a webinar, paid course or live workshop and more!

I can’t tell you how much of my content I have expanded upon and taken in different directions. I never run out of blog post topics – ever!

#7 Link to It

Have a similar post related to your new one? Go back to the old one and link to the new one. Have a post that is going viral or a pin that is bringing you huge traffic? Go into that post and link to one of your newest posts.

#8 Feature Your New Post

Have a post related to a certain holiday, product or program? Feature it on your home page. Let it shine for you and drive your home page traffic to your post (which will lead them to your incentive/offer at the bottom of the post).  You can add your top posts into your sidebar widget.

Check out my homepage for examples. I change my front-page features based on what I have going on in my brand, but you can see that I showcase posts and programs that grab your attention.

#9 Print & File

This step isn’t necessary but some people like to have paper copies of their posts printed out and nicely filed by category. As an author, I do this with posts that I believe relate to one of my books or future books. Some of my posts are actual excerpts from my books so I am sure to print and document them properly.

#10 Pitch It

There are a lot of online magazine, sites and resources that WILL allow you to submit content you already have on your website. Be bold and daring and submit some of your better articles. Have a site you want to pitch and contribute to? Dig up your most popular posts and see if you can write something similar or combine your post content into one amazing, powerful article to pitch to companies who only want unpublished material.


Now that is a nice action oriented list to help you make the most of your recent blog posts. Remember, you don’t have to take all these steps with every post. Steps 1-5 are the most important ways to boost your blog post views.


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