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You vs. The Elements Training For Success

You vs. The Elements Training For Success

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You must raise the bar!

Begin to approach your training and performing (racing)

in a new and higher mindset!

I discuss this in detail in my book The Decision – as well as in my EBook The Point of the Marathon.

So many people sell themselves short of opportunity and growth when they decisively avoid training in the elements.  They set themselves up for failure on race day by taking short cuts and not properly preparing themselves mentally and physically.

We as human beings do not control the weather.

We DO control ourselves, our decisions and our actions.

If you want to get better as an athlete, if you want to improve your mental and physical endurance you must expose yourself to Mother Nature. You MUST train in the wind, the rain, the snow, the heat and the cold.

Now obviously – you need to be wise when training in far from ideal weather conditions. You need to plan ahead and prepare both mentally and physically for these training sessions.

The KEY to your success here – is that you are ACTUALLY TRAINING in all types of weather.

If you are new to working out, or are haven’t trained much in a particular element – be wise, accommodate and be willing to adjust your workouts (that day and that week) in the midst of the workout.

You must learn to differentiate when your mind and body are simply whining, being lazy and making excuses for you to just quit and when your body is literally on the verge of disintegrating into thin air.

The veteran athlete will know when to push the limits just a bit to improve (raise that bar) and require more out of themselves and when enough is enough for the day.

Here is your kicker:

If you want to race/perform well, you must be prepared for every type of weather!

If you train in heat/cold you will be ready mentally and physically to tackle pushing your limits on race day in the heat/cold.

If you train in rain, you will not be phased on race day by the downpour, the wind or pushing your limits while soaking wet for an extended period of time.

If you train in the snow (in places where it snows) and you race in late fall/early spring – well you will surely be just fine racing in it.

If you want to get better at what it is you do – you can’t hide indoors. You can’t hope and pray and wait for ‘perfect’ weather. You can’t thrive by training indoors all the time when you need to perform outdoors.

If you haven’t been training in the elements it is time to get over this mental block of yours that comes up with fifty excuses as to why you don’t train outside regardless of the weather. It is time to raise the bar and begin requiring more out of yourself.

Enjoy the challenges of learning to train and thrive in unfavorable conditions.

Allow rain showers to cleanse your body and energy of negativity.

Allow the wind to strengthen your lungs.

Allow the cold to burn more calories keeping you warm and making you go a little faster.

Allow the heat to teach your body to do more while slowing down.

Mother Nature is about building resistance and creating balance. Warm sunshine will replace cold winds. Rain will give way to sunnier days.

Come race day when you experience both heat and dehydration, high winds, downpours and back to blistering heat again in matter of hours you will be relieved that you decided to improve your approach to training. You will be able to embrace Mother Nature at her finest and tell her to “Bring It!” And you will carry on with your head held high because you are much stronger and more capable than you ever realized.

Never fear nature – Fear your limited mindset and Decide to Raise the Bar Today!

In addition – be sure to include challenges to your training routine. Train hills. Train through water, mud, slush and tall grass. Train smooth road surfaces, gravel, pot holes and even practicing curb hopping. Train anything and everything you can think of to require your mind and body to have to improve and become better.

Again – utilize wisdom in your training while you Maximize Your Potential.

A lot of people fear nature so I want to point out that fears are a product of the mind. Don’t hold back improving your training because of fears and doubts.

Mother Nature separates the weak from the strong, which will you decide to be?

How you approach (and respect) Mother Nature, what you are willing to learn from her, is very likely the approach you bring to everything else in life.

Do you embrace life? Do you look forward to the challenges and changes that each season brings? Do you believe you will handle life with ease?

Be Decisive.

Empower yourself!

Build up your Resilience!

Get out there and train!

Would you like to learn how to raise the bar with your training and performance?

Go read The Point of the Marathon.

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