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You Create Your Own Luck


You Create Your Own Luck

I know you want to feel like a lucky duck! Like as often as possible.

Isn’t is kind of crazy how some people seem to turn everything into gold dust and win stuff all the time? How do these folks create amazing luck?

It’s not magic.

It’s mindset and preparation.

What we expect in life is what we experience. True story.

Now you can’t just toss out affirmations all day and make magic happen.

It’s a combination of what we’ve been talking about.

The Combination that Creates Luck

Can you believe that you will have good luck and wonderful experiences today?

Are you expecting the day to go well?

Are you in a place (state of mind) of joy, peace, integrity and ease? (this one opens the gates for good to flow in.)

Can you feel the good flowing into your life?

We create our luck!

You’ve got believe good things happen to you and daily.

You’ve got to expect good to arrive into your life.

You’ve got be open and relaxed in order for it flow in and for you to witness it. (tension, stress, negativity and struggle cause resistance)

You’ve got to feel good within first!

I want you to start creating your own amazing luck!

Are your prepared for your success?

Have you done the learning, growth and changing required of you for what you want? You can’t short circuit success.

There is a teaching that goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.”

Same thing with luck, results and success!

When you are really ready to receive it and handle it well – luck, results and success will surely arrive. In fact, it doesn’t take long before that trickle of good becomes a gently flowing stream in your life.

Start with These

Here are a few great confirmations (that’s what I personally call affirmations) to get you going:

Everything and everyone for what I want is already on my path and arriving under grace in perfect ways.

Things and events are lightening up for me!

Everything I want flows in easily and effortlessly.

I am free. I relax and let.

The odds are always in my favor!

I personally love that last one for when I need a quick boost of confidence to step out of my comfort zones.

Remember: You create your own luck!

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