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Start Saying Yes to You & Shine Brightly

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Start Saying Yes to You & Shine Brightly


I want you to start saying Yes to YOU and YES to opportunities!

I was reminded of this gentle and magnetic lesson and felt so strongly about it, especially after our recent series on Learning to Love Me and Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones.

I want to share with you a little  story about what happens when you say YES to opportunity and the power of letting yourself shine brightly.

The Magic of Saying Yes to Opportunity

First, last summer I came across this women’s empowerment conference that seemed to just line up with who I am and what I do, so I applied to be a speaker at it. They had already filled up their lineup for the event. I was in the middle of 3 events myself at the time and totally forgot all about this conference.

Two weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine asked me if I wanted to attend – she was a speaker for the event and got to invite a friend for free! I was just so surprised. Here I’d been doing my thing for several months and out of nowhere this event just reappears into my life with a FREE ticket! Of course, I said YES!

This conference was just amazing. There were maybe 12 panelist speakers, all women with different businesses and careers and about 75 attendees. I witnessed every single one of these ladies, every one, transform during the day. We all walked out a different woman than who we were when we walked in.

Takeaway #1 – When you follow your passions and do what is right for you – the right doors of opportunity will open! Even if it doesn’t appear to work out immediately – if it is right for you, it WILL work out for you.

The Universe Works for You!

We had enjoyed a guest speaker that I didn’t even know was going to be there and this speaker is doing one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Many of you know I am a women’s self-defense instructor and an am slowly building a new program in my area working with schools and colleges to teach awareness, abduction prevention and defense skills for young ladies. Turns out this speaker WAS the reason I ended up there. When she spoke, I happened to be at a table with two teachers who were solely there for this guest speaker and the three of us were at the same table! In following up and connecting with this speaker and these teachers, I came across multiple additional opportunities to look into.

Near the end of the conference the host asked people to stand up and share what they got out of the day. I was near the front and I don’t even remember putting my hand up, it just shot up so fast and I was the first to get the microphone. I shared how incredible it was just to be there, and my story of how I ended up there and how wonderful it was to see all these women saying YES to themselves.

So, when I shared what I got out of this conference, at the front of the room, how I almost wasn’t at the event and why I was at the event was for my Empowering Women business but turned out I was to be there also for my self-defense instructing business as well, it was overwhelming.

A huge, HUGE potential opportunity for me to GIVE through my passion project appeared out of nowhere like a miracle –>

Because I said YES to Opportunity.

Because I said YES to my Dreams.

Take Away #2 The Universe (God) matches the energy you send out. When you say, “Here I Am. I AM ready for this. I open to allowing what I really want into my life.” Opportunities you never could have imagined will begin to arrive and open up for you.

Letting Yourself Shine!

After I got home and let the day settle in a bit, I felt (like so many women do when they rise and allow themselves to shine) like maybe I had shared too much about me that day.

That I maybe seemed to come across too strong, too eager, too much of what I don’t know.

I had spent 10 hours leaping at every opportunity that day, with a smile on my face, light in my eyes and such joy and relief and gratitude for getting to meet so many women with equal passion and light.

Here I was afterwards, feeling embarrassed for standing tall and letting my light shine. I was dimming my own light!

Yes, I know! The thing is all women feel this at times! And then I said you know what, right there in that moment of embarrassment and being worried about how I came across to others –

I DECIDED that I had done just fine.

 I had shined so much for me, but also because I knew (and had met) some of the women there who weren’t ready to do that for themselves yet, and they were watching the women like me and taking it in and learning just what it is to be a woman who SHINES so brightly!

Stepping Up and Out and allowing ourselves to RISE and SHINE and DO OUR THING can feel scary and intimidating and at the same time it’s just an incredibly amazing feeling too.

Take Away #3 – We DESERVE to SHINE! We have every right to SHINE!

We do NOT ever need to feel ashamed or embarrassed for letting our lights shine as brightly as we dare to!

I want you to shine this week.

Step Out and POUR yourself into your life this week! Let the walls down and allow your inner beauty, wisdom, and gifts shine so others can see it, feel it and learn how to do it themselves!

I am so honored to be here in your life, shining a bright light into the truth about who you are – a woman who is incredibly talented and powerful! You have purpose in this life! Believe in it. Believe in your worth and value!

Shine sweetheart! Let yourself shine this week!

You deserve it so much!


If this hit home for you, I know you will love our free Learning to Love Me series.

Just go sign up below and let yourself shine brighter!

I want to Shine Brightly!

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