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Writing With Impact

Writing With Impact

I want to write about things that matter. I want to write to change lives. I want to write to get people thinking with greater clarity and making wiser decisions.

I want to write in ways that will turn on the lightbulb for people. I want my work to make an impact.

I want to write differently, not always with perfect editing or political correctness, because that is not how people really are. Besides, if the content is great, readers will read from cover to cover and not want to set it down.

I want to twist things around, and pick up perspectives that make people stop. I mean literally stop. I want jaws to drop. I want to infuriate people in such a way that they must face themselves and everything they are and believe in and begin to question. Themselves. Life. And everything in it.

Under it all, in all my writing, it comes from a place of peace and love. I love enough to not hand my content to others without them growing in the process of receiving it. This involves taking readers on a tipsy curvy ride and honest, some can’t handle the craziest of rides. Some people only like the teacups. That’s ok. I don’t write teacups and dole out sugar cubes. Well, not often. I like things sweet and spicy, sour and wicked, bold and bbq’d, and flame burning intense. I like cozy too.

To be honest I disagree with a lot of people, with a lot of things they believe, say and do. And those I respect and cherish the most, are those who are willing to respect others and all the differences they bring to the table. I love learning why people are the way they are, what has brought them to this point in life and where it is they are headed and what they aim to do and who they want to become.

I have found that those who are making a difference in the world are those who welcome everything that is different than they are. Those making a difference and bringing light and love to the world are people who value what it is they offer and also that of those who sit at every seat around the circular table.

The more open the heart and mind, the more love given, the greater the light shined and the greater number who are able to truly begin to see.

Writing for me isn’t about expressing who I am and what I believe in onto paper or the screen. Writing for me is about exploration of what has been, what is and what could be, from many possible perspectives.

Often the words just flow out of me, through me actually and page after page bleeds out, the words aren’t mine exactly. They just flow through me. It’s like when you take your car to the gas station to refill it up, you connect to the source, swipe your card and you are ready to roll. This is what writing is for me. I sit down, turn on the computer, quiet my soul (mind chatter about my daily life experiences) and simply allow it all to come through me from this greater source.

Some people do yoga or meditate to connect, for others it happens in a workout or while doing their passion/hobby. For me my connecting time happens with writing. Sometimes the writing, its content or angle, makes me hesitate. I wonder sometimes just how it will be perceived and then I let it be. I literally will set it aside and come back to it another time and when I do this, when I return I see it.; the bigger picture, how it all plays into the grand scheme of what it is I do and write and how and why. I know sometimes that many will really not understand pieces of my work, either it is too personal or it is above them or below them, or they are just not in a receptive mode for anything.

In all my years of it though, there is always at least one, one reader who needed it, whether it’s a total wake-up call or gentle reminder and encouragement to keep going. And for that one, it might make all the difference.

For every response I receive that is filled with obscenities, hate or obnoxiousness, these matter not at all. They missed the point. But for that one, (and often there are several) they got it. Wherever they are at in their life, whatever their story is – they needed to hear what I’d written. Their thank you outweighs 10,000:1 every negative response I could ever receive.

Sometimes the responses I receive from these ‘ones’ it is a bit mind boggling, how did they take what I wrote that way? Or I find myself even surprised by an additional viewpoint that a reader took. I always just write, the universe is large and mysterious in its ways and I trust. I am lined up with what it is I am meant to be doing and I allow myself to open up and be vulnerable as a writer, I let the muse go where it must.

There have been times where I’ve gone back and made things politically correct and doing so removed the impact or message. There have been times I’ve gone through re-edits to realize over editing is a real thing. There are articles I’ve gone back and rewritten because that muse got too bold and too out there for my personal taste, only for me to return back to the first draft because that is the version that first poured through my soul.

My duty as a writer is not to hold hands, sugar coat things or always be comforting others. I enjoy writing in ways that make people come alive and feel invigorated, but I do not limit myself to just this style. My duty is to connect to the source and simply allow it to flow, as it comes, untainted by myself or others. For when I allow this to happen that is when change occurs.

This is when I get the thank you from strangers who in their own journey needed to hear certain words strung together, told in a certain way in order for them to have the light bulb moment. Who am I to judge? Who am I to say there is only one way my writing can be interpreted and received? For every topic under the sun there a zillion and one ways to approach and receive it. My purpose is to connect, to let it flow and allow the creativity to arrive and then to send it out. Once it is sent I know the universe (God) will get it to those few who are ready to receive and who are ready for change and are praying for inspiration.

Inspiration may not always arrive in warm fuzzies or beautiful Kodak moments, often the greatest moments of change for people derive from sudden realizations of truth and ascending in awareness, sometimes at the worst of times.


A genuine writer doesn’t adjust their writing or content or style to meets the demands of the loudest people. A real writer sets themselves off to the side, let’s go of every personal hesitation, lets every wall down and goes. A real writer goes where very few will, adventuring into the wilderness that is yet to be explored and discovered. A real writer knows that the very things society deems as untouchable is the very topic that needs discussed – from as many viewpoints as possible. A real writer in the midst of going there – discovers the greatest freedom in life comes from a willingness to venture into the depths of it.

And so I write. I write in ways that others cannot and will not. I write from viewpoints so very different sometimes from how I live my own life. My objective is not to satisfy one select group of readers but to reach out and connect with as many different types of people as I can. To share, to teach, to inspire.


This is a little light into the life of a writer and I hope a source of inspiration for fellow writers to dare to go there.

“We will never truly understand the wonders and magnitude of the universe and how it works. We just know that we are all connected by some invisible light that gives life and energy to our spirits. When we are authentic to ourselves we are letting others in, we are shining brightly, we are extended far beyond the horizon in a means in which the eye itself cannot see.” ~ NKB


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