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I Know I’m Worthy of More!

worthy of more

I Know I’m Worthy of More!

 Going After Your Goals & Dreams

You matter. You know, that right? Who you are, what you do with your life and talents makes a difference.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence or hiding from your goals and dreams, let this one be the kicker that propels you into forward action.


We ARE All One

You and I and everyone else in this world are connected. 24/7.  Think back for a minute about those monumental moments in your life, those WOW moments that would make it onto your life highlight reel. There were some important people in your WOW moments. A mentor, a guide, a coach or teacher who shared their talents with you to help you learn and grow. Someone who nudged and led you forward. A parent or dear friend that encouraged you along the way.

We are all connected by just a few degrees of separation. Let that sink in. Often, we are scared to reach out and seek guidance or ask for help in relation to our goals. We think we don’t know or have the right people in our life who will want to help us and be able to guide us. What we forget, is that even if we don’t at the moment have the right people in our life, the right people are only a couple of connections away. There are people in your life right now who are connected to people who are either the right people you are looking for or know them.


You DO Have Purpose

Everyone on this planet is unique. We each have our own personalized life experiences, abilities and desires. There will never be another person in your lifetime with the exact same ‘life story’ you have going.

The majority of women are letting life pass them by, filling up their days with excuses as to why they are not tapping into their passions, interests, hobbies and talents weekly. Too busy, not enough time, motherhood, that 9-5, not enough money, not healthy enough.

Then there are women who are living decisively, who own those decisions of how they spend their time, energy, focus, money and other resources. These women have healthy self-worth and self-love and self-care. These women realize they are meant for something more than just those roles society wants to box them into. These women, who are just like you, believed they could. So, they do.

If you think you don’t have a purpose, a mission in your lifetime, that you don’t have the smarts, talents or ability to be more than who you are right now – guess again! You DO have the brains, you do have the experience necessary, you do have the skills and talents to share with others, you TOTALLY have the capability to pursue your goals and dreams in life. You just need to believe in YOU.


Playing Life Small

I see too many woman hiding. Too many women playing life small because playing life small feels safe and comfortable.

I’ve got news for you.

The best moments of your life can only happen outside of your comfort zones!

That pure joy, relief, ecstasy, power and love for life that we can feel when we reach big goals and dreams is far above and beyond that of anything we can feel and experience inside of our present state and comfy bubble. What you are seeking is that feeling. All your pain and discontentment is because you know this to be true and you think it’s easier to just resist and deny and ignore and excuse the fact that


It’s time to let all that resistance go. Honey you are worthy of more! You are worthy of living a wonderful, BIG life!

Too often we think that making it BIG and reaching success means money and status and glamour. It is not.

Playing life BIG is when you are living your life intentionally, authentically, on purpose. It is when you are filling your life with things, people, activities that you are so passionate about that when you are investing yourself into them, you become ALIVE! You FEEL so ALIVE in those moments, that after you get a gulp of it, your entire perspective and life shifts. You realize you just cannot go a day without doing that which makes you come alive. And then you begin to organize your life around it, your passions and talents. When this happens… real inner peace and contentment is guaranteed. Often, along with it, also comes more money, more success, greater relief and this -> -> -> real Joy.


What Happens If We Don’t

Think about what your life would be like if you didn’t have those highlighted moments. What would your life look like if those special people in your life hadn’t gone after their goals and dreams? Would you still have reached yours?

You see, life itself and people out there in the world, are waiting for you. They are waiting for you to step forward and become who you are meant to be, because you are a part of their dream, you are a piece of their life puzzle.

That business you think would be a great idea (IT IS!), if you don’t start it, if you don’t at least try, and I mean really try, you’ll never employ others and provide them an opportunity to earn and learn and grow. Those on the receiving end of your potential goods and services will have to go elsewhere, when what you do and how you do it, is really EXACTLY what they want and need.

Yes, you bet, there will always be other places and people for us to connect with and exchange with. BUT, nobody can do it like you can or the way you do it.

That passion you had a decade ago but let fall out of your life – what could you do with it? Who could it help or serve?

Your life experience, your story – who could it inspire and guide?

Your skills – how you share them to benefit others?

Your dream, that one that you’ve got tucked away in a teeny little hidey hole and buried away, if you reached it…

How many people could benefit from being on the receiving end of it?

What would your legacy be?

What kind of difference would you going after your biggest vision in who you could become make for others?


The Effect of You

You may be thinking, I just know how to play the piano. Ok, that’s good. What can you do with that talent? Could you play at your church and raise the energy level of those listening? Could you teach lessons to others who share the same enjoyment for piano music? Could you audition for a local orchestra or program and play for the public? Could you record some songs and sell them and donate the money to your favorite local cause or fundraiser?

It isn’t just about who you directly see and connect with in relation to your talents and goals. It’s also about the ripple effect. It’s about faith. It’s about realizing we can’t even begin to comprehend the intricacies of the universe and how we are all connected.

That one person you inspire or teach or guide could go on to inspire thousands. And one of their recipients could go on to inspire and impact millions.

You are a domino. And when you set yourself in motion intentionally you will never ever really see just how BIG of a ripple effect you create. But you will know.  You will know that you are using what you’ve been blessed with and given. You will know that you are showcasing your abilities and doing your best to help others and give back. That knowing is all you need to understand real satisfaction. You ARE meant to SHINE!

You matter. Who you are, how you live your life, the way in which you live and make use of who you are matters. That includes whether or not you decide to make use of the goals and dreams that live deep within you.  YOU were created to make a DIFFERENCE and you DO make a difference.

You’ve likely just never paused long enough to realize it. Or dared to believe you do.

What Happens When You Dare to Do

Life can be funny to watch sometimes. For all the excuse making we do to NOT and to Resist and to deny what we know to be true (that we are meant for more and have a purpose), life gets easier when we dare to do.

Yes, you heard me. Life gets better when we decide we are worth it and that our goals are worth it and that our purpose matters and makes a difference.

Incredible things, often that which we can only describe as miracles, happen for us when we dare to begin going after our goals and dreams.

  • We tap into talents and abilities we didn’t realize we had.
  • Our life story begins to make a lot more sense!
  • The wrong people sift out of our life and the right people begin to arrive and stay.
  • Doors of opportunity begin to appear and open up.
  • The resources and people you want and need to assist you line up and roll in.
  • We look at our reflection and almost laugh and think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”
  • Your beliefs and priorities and approach to life become balanced, healthy and you experience relief.
  • We shed old layers of our self and life that no longer serve us and we rise higher into better surroundings and experiences.
  • The hard lessons we learned over the years sink in, make sense and we are grateful for them.
  • People begin to thank us for our time and service and we realize we have people looking up to us for inspiration and leadership.
  • We become aware that we making a difference.
  • We mature within our purpose and dreams and discover numerous to expand upon them.
  • We find ourselves inspired by not having all the answers and we seek to spend as much time as we can outside of our comfort zones.
  • We experience sincere monumental moments of real humbleness and gratitude.
  • We find freedom. Freedom that comes only when we’ve dared to live our highest self.


I think it’s time you let yourself dream again.

Find a notebook and begin to journal. Go back through this article and journal your way through each paragraph. Jot down your thoughts, feelings, insecurities and desires as you do. Let it out, all of it. Pour yourself into who you can be, let yourself go there if even for just a few minutes.

I know you are worthy of your dreams. I know you’ve got talent, and passion. I know you have power and purpose!

Daring to believe that we can and that we are worthy is easier than you realize. Reaching your goals and going after your dreams isn’t as hard you make it out to be. Incredible things, wonderful things will happen for you if you’ll just believe enough to begin.


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    Thank you so much for your article. Playing life small is definitely something I struggle with. It is just safer this way. But I have been working on changing that. One little step at a time.

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