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Winter Wonderland Dreams

Winter Wonderland Dreams

If you are going to bother to dream, dream as big as you can envision!

Until then maintain a sense of humor. (Stay focused and keep working until you are living that dream)

The high today for my beautiful town is -9. Yes that is right. And all I can think is that someday I will be a best-selling author. And on these lovely bone chilling days of winter I will rent a private jet (okay maybe I will just buy us all first class seats) and fly all my wonderful family and friends to a place involving a warm, sunny beach and fruity drinks.

Beach town shopping, fresh seafood, beach cabanas, sea shell collecting and lots of SUN!


And yes, I will be the one boarding the plane here in the land of frigid temps wearing flip flops.

Until then, I will write about it, continue dreaming of it and keep on working for it.

#This girl was not made for winter.

#Good thing I work from home

#Some day I really will be a best-selling author

#Some day you will all hate me cause I make money working from home and

#I can hibernate and not leave my house when feel I like it.

#Love you toasty fireplace, old laptop, and rambunctious preschoolers that won’t let Mommy  write in peace and quiet.

#I hate you winter!

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