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Be More Than Simply Grateful

Be More Than Simply Grateful

A person can have a wonderful, positive, pleasant attitude 24/7. I have yet to meet such an individual but I am sure somewhere in the billions of people on this planet, a few surely exist.

Regardless of what circumstances and environment and relationships your life contains, simply being grateful isn’t enough.

It is a wise, mature moment when we come to terms with ourselves and the lives we lead. It is a blessing when we are able to look upon our lives with gratitude and sincere appreciation for the people we have relationships with, for the things we own, and for our health as it is. We know many are less fortunate.


Yet, being grateful isn’t enough. Often when we bring ourselves to these moments of gratitude, it is a trained ingrained process. We are tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, and lacking in many ways (energy, peace, love, respect, wealth, health). Bringing the concept to your mind to simply be happy with your life as it is, is only a brief pausing moment of reflection.

The truth is, nothing will change until you decide to change it. Whatever it is that brings you to the moment of appreciation, look deeper. What is that you have been overlooking?

Your health?  Your financial state? Your family? Your career? Your home?

Something clicked inside of you that went, “This isn’t enough.” Which immediately got followed by a twinge of guilt for desiring (not to mention believing) that you are worthy of more. And this guilty second quickly changed to “Look at what blessings I have.” To make you feel better.

As soon as you started to look at your blessings, you gave up your power. Simply being grateful won’t change anything in your life. You tell yourself to count those blessings and good things because you want to feel better about some aspects of your life. So you sugar coat it with pretending to be grateful when in truth you are feeling resentful because you’d like an aspect of your life to be better than the state it is in. You sugar coat with blessings to cover up the pain of what is missing.

The truth is, if you are truly grateful you won’t have these ‘moments’ of intentionally counting your blessings. You’re life and spirit would already be whole and content and peaceful.

The next time you catch yourself intentionally counting your blessings, think about what it is you’d really like changed in your life. Start to focus in on how you can make those changes happen so that you can feel that joy filled peace all the time, and not just in rare, brief moments. Take your power back and be grateful when you catch yourself intentionally reminding yourself to be thankful for what you have in your life. This moment of awareness allows you to pause and reflect and change direction. You can now make different decisions to make changes that will bring you what you want.

You then have to follow through on these new decisions. You have to believe you are worth it, that you are capable of making it happen and bringing these improvements to your life. Instead of just sitting and being grateful, get up and start moving towards what you want.





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