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When Life Tests You


When Life Tests You

Something compelled me to share this week’s post from one of the emails I wrote for my subscribers earlier this year.  You may see this down the road again – it’s really good so you will be happy to see it again. If you’ve been with me a long time this might be a breezy refresher. Perhaps one or more of you needed to hear this today and this week.

When Life Tests You

I remember a time when I finally felt optimistic, like truly believed I had reached the turning point. I had 4 big opportunities lined up and another giant one that had arrived way early but the Universe kept telling me to just go for it so I leapt.

At that same time, life kept testing me. Life kept bringing up old wounds, and challenges to see if I had really learned the lessons and changed from the inside out.

Life was challenging me to see if I was ready for these opportunities.

It wasn’t a matter of quitting. Not even for split second. No, okay, every day in honest there were brief moments, flickerings really of “Will I make it to see this goal through?” This is the reality of everyone who is successful – you can’t avoid moments of questioning.

I had spent countless months working on these projects and seeking out and lining up these opportunities and I mean I believed with zero doubt that I was going in the right direction.

Then just a couple weeks before this awesome line-up of events – I stopped hearing signals and seeing signs confirming that it would all work out. Everything started to slide and curve this way and that. I had like two days where I fought back tears the entire time.

Why? Why would things fall apart now when I had put everything into what I was hoping for?

Then came a moment.

It was a decisive moment in which I realized that my decision would forever alter my course in history.

I recognized the whole scenario for what it was, and saw exactly where I was at in my life map. Kind of like a bird’s eye view. And what followed was peace.

I realized I didn’t have to fight against the chaos or the challenges that had less than ideal timing. I didn’t have question myself or doubt at all.

All I had to do was stay the course and keep showing up.

That’s it.

Even with all the uncertainty going on around me and in other areas of my life – I knew that these opportunities would be my springboard and my launching into bigger and better things.

The decision I made at this crucial moment was this:  Life could fall apart around me but it couldn’t impact me.

I was focused on becoming stronger, wiser and more capable. I was determined to stay the course and give these opportunities my best effort (even if on the drive there I had no idea how the rest of my life would line itself back up).

I knew that the future just ahead of me, that I’d spent years building hinged on me staying focused and showing up.

Have you ever heard the saying “Let a muddied puddle sit and it will clear itself.”

That is what I am telling you.

When you know you are on the right path, when you know who you are and what your life purpose is and what you stand for – let life swirl about. Stay focused on continuing to make decisions that will create the life you want to be living. Life will settle itself in due time.

Sometimes life will give us that final test – to make sure we are really ready for the wonderful bounty and joys ahead.

We have to:

First  – become the person capable of achieving our goal.

Second  – become the kind of person who will thrive with the success of achieving the goal.

Third – have a baseline ability to keep those hard earned results.

When you are about to level up in life – life will test you to the point you almost break. Stand tall and stay focused. The breakthrough is just ahead.

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