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What’s Your Why Behind Your Goal?

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What’s Your Why Behind Your Goal?


The First Step in Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones 

This month we are discussing how to get out of our comfort zones. I believe and know this to be very true, that when we know our WHY, overcoming our challenges becomes much easier.

I’ve found with clients and workshop attendees that it is easy to pinpoint the WHY behind the reason they’ve quit on their big goal:

They’ve lost focus on the WHY behind wanting to achieve their goal in the first place.

What is Your Why?

This is why we line up our goals with our life passions, purpose and vision for our life as we’d like it to be. When a goal is something you really, truly, whole heartedly want and live for (it relates to one of your passions and purpose), there is no quitting. The inner desire to achieve it so strong and natural that even if you get off track or lose momentum, life kind of scoots you forward a little anyways because you are aligned with your higher self.

As we focus on getting out of our comfort zones and start taking action on those steps our goal requires of us but we’ve been kind of avoiding – I want you thinking about your WHY.

Why did you set this goal to begin with?

What will happen if you find the courage to get out of your comfort zones, continue stepping up and out, you make that necessary progress and you achieve your goal?

How will your life change?

In what ways, will your life be improved?

This is the vision you need to focus on – it is like a magnet and naturally pulls you in closer every day.


 Aligning Your Goals

Often people set goals that aren’t really their goals to begin with. A friend suckers you into doing a 5k. A loved one tells you to do this or that. You don’t want to get real with yourself and the way your life really is, so you just randomly select a goal because it lets you avoid reality.

When we do this, we don’t have a WHY based on internal desires and need for change and improving ourselves. Our WHY sits on shifting sands subject to many external factors.

 If you are going to set a goal at all, it needs to come from within, that place called the soul level.

You’ve got to want it, not just on some superficial level. You need to want this goal and the improvements in your life that come with achieving it because you are willing to learn, grow and change into the person capable of living that life.

There are 3 kinds of changes that happen in life, and all three come under your decision making. I want you to read this post on creating the shift within. I want you to start making decisions and setting goals that come from the soul level, with a longing and willingness to create change.


Life Begins to Change

When we line up our goals with our passions and purpose in life, we find ourselves experiencing life differently.

No longer is there really an option to quit. You are naturally curious and interested in the learning and growth required by your goal. So even when life throws you a few curveballs, and it will, you quickly dust yourself off and pick back up where you left off.

These kinds of goals are part of your innate self, like a bunny hill ski lift. You just grab the rope (set a goal aligned with your passions and purpose) and life gentle pulls you along and guides you to bigger opportunities in your areas of interest.

You stop caring about the obstacles you might face. You already enjoy what it is you are doing so any challenge is now seen as a chance to learn and get better at it. It’s exciting and intoxicating to come across moments for growth because these moments and challenges enable you to fall in love deeper with what it is you are doing.


Outside Your Comfy Bubble

Since every goal we set requires us to learn, grow and change, there will be definitely be steps of action we will need to take that lie outside of our comfort zones. Most people avoid feeling uncomfortable at all costs, this is why most people really never achieve much, are often unhappy and stuck in careers they don’t enjoy.

When we do align our goals with our interests and purpose guess what happens?

These action steps outside of our comfy bubble are no longer scary and intimidating. We know we are going to be a little uncomfortable and nervous in these new experiences and opportunities for growth. These action steps that to everyone else are like tobogganing down Mt. Everest, are to you like hopping on your bike when you haven’t ridden a bike in ten years. You know you know how and that you can and you just pump up your tires (take a deep breath) and then hop on and go. Slowly perhaps but you go without paralyzing fear.


The Quickest & Easiest Way

If you are willing to gather your courage and confront your reality and begin creating positive changes that bring wonderful results in your life, aligning your goals with your passions and purpose is the quickest and easiest way to start getting out of your comfort zone.

One of the most incredible feelings in the world is when you just take a few steps closer and realize it wasn’t that big of a deal after all. Plus, you are end up closer to your goal!

Gather your courage today.

Be willing to open the windows of your comfy bubble and peer through to see what’s out there.

Open your front door and stand in the doorframe and consider what might happen if you just venture out there.

Think about how your life will improve if you just take those few steps today.


Keep your focus on your why.

Why did you set this goal?

Why do you want it?

How will your life change if you achieve it?


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